Thursday, 26 April 2012

What drought?

My latest mix as usual compiled from some free downloads and forthcoming releases. Track listing below or go over to mixcloud for exact entry points. For those who want to download for iPod etc then 

Mellow High (Doms, Hodgy) – Go
Ramona Falls – Brevony
AlunaGeorge - Just A Touch
Purity Ring – Obedear
State Of Joy – Flow feat Jay Wilcox
State Of Joy - Flow
Mason – Runaway (Refurb)
Death Grips – I’ve Seen Footage
Mason - Runaway (Hiatus remix)
JTRP - Apparition
Stay+ - Hush Money
Nite Jewel – One Second Of Love (Peaking Light One Love Mix)
Machines Don’t Care – Take Me Away feat Meleka
Santigold – Desperate Youth
Space Ladies – Medusa (Sarantis Remix)
Terminal State – In The Evening
Side 1 – Kissing You
Terminal State – Morphing Shadows
Sinistarr – Bare The Mark

A snarier remix of the amazing Diplo and Usher collaboration. I read an article at the weekend which suggested anyone expecting this all the way through Usher forthcoming new album will be bitterly disappointed. 

Another remix from a recent album is this amazing one off Chromatics new album and specifically Birds Of Paradise by Amtrac. 

This is the Solo project of Vampire Weekends Chris Baio and with it's tech house drum beat is possibly the last thing you'd expect someone from that band to make, until you hear the steal drums and the track's carefree and upbeat attitude and you realise, it's actually pretty consistent. Taken from the Sunburn EP out on on 21st May.

Worth waiting for the dirty bass and drums that take far too long to kick in because the rest of the song, well mainly her vocal, are nauseatingly dull, or as user stevealianarbone on Youtube (who is obviously high or foreign and therefore I'm a racist) claims "I like this song and the way you clutch the covers like Poe my cat does. You make some peculiar videos. Some folks like the surrealism. Yours is combination of ancient and modern myths and legends that are often strange and mystical. Like a story that is being told but what is it about? Maybe that is the mystery. We tend to live at slower and quiet pace here." Eh? 

The second Submotion remix in as many weeks but this forthcoming Hospital release from S.P.Y. with it's rolling bass line and snappy breakbeat is far too good to ignore, it has sound of the summer written all over it and is likely to be a massive revenue generator for the label, pleasing both ardent drum and bass fans and those partial to the label's normal staple of radio friendly releases.

On that note, anyone looking for a sample for Hospital's next, vocal hooking cross over mega hit, should look no further than asking Wrenne for the vocal stems off her track Come Alive. 
You can see all the ecstasy addled estate agents now, out at, what they call with no sense of irony, a 'rave,' (even though they paid twenty quid entry and are drinking the ten pound drinks of commercialism that couldn't be further away from the ideals of rave culture), really 'feeling,' the lyrics of this one as they hug their bosses and tell them just how much they love them and how they really are, the best boss they've ever had, setting up a bleak and awkward situation come Monday morning.

What a charming voice, with her referencing a lighthouse it's hard not to image the singer sitting alone in one singing this tune, whilst a violent sea bashes against the rocks adjacent. 

Beautiful, reverberating Spanish guitar complimenting that gorgeous voice, ignore the shit video.

This is awesome, goes into some dark crunching business later one.

This is basically updated, more optimistic grunge, Cobain without the depression, as Peace claim, "we're going to live forever baby," which if you believe the frankly crazy ramblings of my dad, is something that'll happen in my lifetime; have you bumped into my Dad at B&Q Peace? Because you really shouldn't write songs based on the opinions of a man sniffing tins of varnish down the deck care isle. 

This is a song presumably about wet, robot sex and it sounds like it too, which is squelchy and disgusting and stupid but does pose quite an interesting question; if robots became as clever as us, would they too learn to seek pleasure from sex? 

And someone being less subtle about his desire to shag something that ain't human by singing it from the bloody rafters is VNDMG who, according to wikipedia, wants to make sweet, cross breeding love to a humanoid extraterrestrial creature from Star Trek native to the planet of Bajor.

Her voice harmonises so wonderfully with the the deep synth textures, big on atmosphere this.

This is a bloddy riot, that bass line being like your mate who always calls you up on that Friday night when you've sworn to stay in and begs you to come out, teasing you with offers of free drinks and loads of women he couldn't possibly influence into shagging you. In your rush to get there before your other mates snap them up, you forget to eat, drinking too many tequila shots when you do finally reach the empty, sausage infested club and in the resulting blur find yourself in one too many man huddles and end up getting into a fight to save face.

So I was still feeling delicate from the weekend when I first heard Julia Stone's, Caris Mathews slash Joahanna Newsom vocal, with all them piano keys, droning guitars notes and sad lyrics, managing to sound all melancholic and nostalgic despite narrating the future and seriously, it nearly made me cry, it's almost making me cry now talking about it; it was a tough morning. Hash tag, needtomanup.

A few weeks back I was banging on about people with voices equal, if not better, to Florence Welch's and who don't consistently exploit the BIG, LOUD, DESIGNED FOR THE CONTEMPORARY SECTION OF THE PROMOS AT THE ROYAL ALBERT HALL, chorus. Here is an example. 

Best yet from Cloud Toy favourite, Fabina Palladino, stripping it down to really accentuate the beautiful range of her voice and content of the lyrics; i'm getting toats emoash again!

Those long synth stabs provide much of the atmosphere for this track before that bass comes flying in from where it begins to build and build to sound like Richard Branson's passing round a bag of pills on the first commercial flight into space. 

Imagine a chair swing under a blossom tree looking back at a farm house with a sun dappled porch, the early evening, South Carolinan breeze gently swaying the wind chimes that hang there.

This sounds a like the Beach Boys got on the Costa Concordia and after losing out on a space in the life raft to Captain Schettino, they remained on board to play a few final songs, in a moral boosting, crew of the Titanic style move of self sacrifice and where they remain, un-rescused to this day. 

One of my favourite new bands, Ramona Falls, have their album available to stream over on Sterogum

Well this is pleasant. 

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