Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Frontier Sounds Singles Selections

Not to start things on a negative note but good singles were, in my opinion, slim pickings this week. There are two factors that can sum up this unfortunate occurrence which have been beautifully illustrated in two recent articles in the Guide section of the Guardian. 

The first is the immergence of the New Boring, the likes of Ed Sheeran and co making unbelievably dull, ambitionless pop music for the mass market (see the excellent article here). 

The second factor is the unknown popularity (well it’s Radio One's fault) of what I like to call popstep, that is rubbish, annoying, obnoxious sounding dubstep, which is what Radio One plays whenever they mention "New Music." Or as the guide describes the phenomena, it's like "Meathead dance producers across the country have been developing a new style of dramatic, largely unlistenable dupstep in a bid to soundtrack the Beeb's Olympics coverage and make a fortune. So far the it’s been a two horse race between Nero and Chase and Status. The winning track will be decided by a k-holing Kelly Holmes at a Peckham house party later this month"

To Illustrate this collective point. above are just two of the dull and, or obnoxious singles out this week. 

Okay so that Youngman track isn't quite the grating popstep of which we speak, it's saving grace being Skream’s on production, but it still serves to illustrate a point. That is the occurrence of this turgid, music-churned-out-to-a-formula position that pop music finds itself in and is leaving the whole scene stagnating. Dub step base, R and B body, last 16 bars drum and bass, equals Radio One airplay and singles sales. Yawn.

To something I do now like in the from of everybody's favorite Tamil fringed female rapper M.I.A. I know George likes this one being a huge Paper Planes pusher. This is her latest single, Bad Girls and it is a tune!

To counteract my somewhat negative start, my single of the week is a somewhat wholesome and pleasant affair and reminds of a fleeting, youthful summer romance, the pang of being apart during the honeymoon period where all you want to do is see each other all the live long day; I could listen to this all the live long day. 

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Frontier Sounds SoundCloud Selections

TACLA EP by We are animal

Regular readers of this blog will know that these guys, We Are Animal, are my new favorite band, so sorry if this is a bit monotonous but I just couldn’t resist an opportunity to play that track 19:19 on the radio. Taken from the Tactla EP, it is available for download from ITunes. 

FRIGID. Dust & Debris ( Resurrection ) by FRIGID

My next track, by the hilariously named Frigid, I found on a recent SoundCloud trawling mission. It has a very distant tribal “he,” noise, that runs through the course of the record, making it sound like a jam session between the PlayStation character Crash-Bandicoot and his tribe and a group of evangelical missionaries sent to save their heathen souls. 

St Joe Louis- Slipping Into Darkness Feat Kasim by St Joe Louis

Another trawling find now, this one from Rapper St Joe Louis, who is American rather than the French his name might suggest. This pleasantly produced track Slipping Into Darkness Feat Kasim is available as a free download from www.soundcloud.com/stjoelouis

Black Casino and the Ghost - Falling Into Pieces by indiepatico

We started with my new favorite band and I want to end with my other new favorite band, Black Casino and The Ghost. With a similar structure to the earlier track by We Are Animal, it initially suggests something entirely different from the screaming, swaggering chorus that jumps in and knocks the breath out of you, causing you to screw up your face and pout out your lips. 

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

January's Over Already!

Will defenaintly be getting my hands on this come 5th March to play day and night to my imaginary friends on my imaginary decks. This serves as collection of previously unreleased and presumably abandoned material made between 2003 and 2008 and am I glad they weren't forgotten. There are some absolute rollers on this, showcasing why they still stand strong as my one of my favourite drum and bass producers. However, I am still leading the crusade (it's a spiritual thing) to get the tune below released, Why. Hasn't. It????????????? Come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This track reminds me of my friend Tommy Mac when he dances, waltzing into a party and straw-peadoing a cellar full of the home owners vintage wine collection, putting a plethora of suitably and understandably impressed girls on his shoulders and bubbling around the dance floor, arms locked in the 90 degree position and always above waist height, pointing at the invisible notes as they float from the speakers. That image just makes me smile and reminds me of good times, causing me to reconsider my current condemnation of alcohol and engage me in calling the big man to organise a jolly good knees-up.

The King's Will - Love, Against Homophobia (live at the C.A.M.P.) by thisistheking

A really nice live performance of a track which really doesn't want you to misunderstand it's message, the original is more of a poetry reading and lacking something which this version delivers.

Talking of live performances, check this out.

Hands down (pun fully intended) one of the most incredible things I have ever seen, I just don't understand how he does it. I don't know why Jonathan Ross feels he has to ruin it with some ludicrous, miss judged (not the first time he's done that), horribly patronising comment. I swear the majority of his jokes are either innuendo (he is literally the twentieth century Carry On; Carry On not being funny) or put downs. I would rather listen to this all day than listen to the nauseating sound of you brown-nosing a 'celebrity' you were bashing only the week before.

So I'm a bit behind on this one so forgive me if this is nothing new but this is too deep and dark to neglect. 

I was already to slag this of, going down the 'what's the point, nothing could make this better, you can't even dare touch a classic like this blah blah blah,' line but actually this isn't bad at all, they have done it justice, making it in some ways even more haunting and emotive. And she's Wednesday out of Arrested development.

When this begins it sounds pretty 90's, The Coral, Skeleton Key-ish but then that amazing chorus kicks in and everything is understood and forgiven, leaving you begging like a heroin addict on methadone for more. Amazing, cannot stop playing this. 

Any prospective producers out there should follow this link and read, taking notes, a true talent. 


sbtrkt - atomic peace (2009) by sbtrkt

Everything this guy touches at the moment turns to gold and this is a beautiful number just posted onto his SoundCloud, causing people to make wonderful comments like, 'oh my,' 'absolutely dazzling,' 'brilliantly motherfucking sweet,' 'trippy mellow vibes,''TH SH CRAAAAY,' and my personal favourite, 'OH MY FUCKING GOD YOU GREAT GUY.'

Jumping on the Lana Del Ray coat tales with the vocals on this one which sounds very much like they've been plucked from Video Games, yet you don't remember those lyrics from the song do ya? Any way that's not a criticism, it gives this track from current go-to rapper ASAP Rocky and ScHoolboy Q, a little more impact

War - "Brodermordet" by AwkwardSound2.0

Ever wanted to know what the sound of a marching band passing through a bus station in a fairground would sound like if you bottled it up, distilled it, then poured it into the petrol tank of a Reliant Robin and combusted it through it's battered exhaust? Well this is it, a strangely enjoyable and hypnotic one from these crazy Danes War

You can hear the sounds of the sea-side in this one from brighton based producer Tourist. In fact this track makes you feel like a tourist, relishing and experiencing the delights of an English costal town for first time.The lapping sea, carnival atmosphere, the shitty always-loose-your-money arcade games, annoying soggy chip stealing seagulls and the hilarious abundance of old people are all realised in this really pleasant release from ever on-the-money Make Mine.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Frontier Sound Singles Selections

As featured on www.radiofrontier.ch

  First up we have British producer Graphics, who is marked as one to watch for the future. The weirdest thing about this track is not the spooky vocal, or the skeleton’s ribcage xylophone but the layering of all the different sounds, samples and influences; influences that shouldn’t work together but somehow in this single Mamma Grizzles, does. 

This track is suited to daybreak in Ibiza, well what day break in Ibiza should be like, beautiful, calm, humbling and reflective rather than the raucous, beer soaked, drug fuelled, over the hill raver infested, lecherous cesspit of regret that it really is.  

To a Frontier Sounds favourite now, not only for her beautiful voice but for her links to one of our catchment areas, France. As previously mentioned here, Charlotte Gainsbourg has just released an albums worth of previously unreleased studio and live recordings in a collection called Stage Whisper and this track Anna, is taken from that release.  

To my singles selection of the week now, juxtaposing as far as possible with my first track, here is some feel good indie from Casiokids. Golden Years is a perfect, good-time head bobbing remedy to counteract the January blues.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Bumper Addition

'With Just One Glance You' Nicolas Jaar featuring. Scout Larue and Will Epstein 1 by Bullett Media

That producer who is causing all the fuss in the electronic music scene at the moment does a track with that girl who is Bruce Willis and Debi Moore's Daughter. Of course it is Nicolas Jaar featuring the voice of Scout Larue, making what is essentially the soundtrack to Raymond Chandlers The Big Sleep. The sax, the lyrics, the womanising, the urge to drink hard liquor and the haunting streets at night sounds, it all fits. 

TACLA EP by We are animal

I like the variation in styles on this EP from We Are Animal, like a rapidly evolving hallucination it goes from experimental electronic contained within crystal clear guitar, to Lou Reed waking up after a long nap with a turbo charged Long Island Ice Tea. To Kurt  Cobaine trying his luck in a 80's Venice Beach roller disco, to sounding like what Kasabian would sound like if they were still any good. My new favourite band, buy this EP now, you won't regret it.

In these times of economic hardship with people seeming to be blowing each other up and or rioting all over the shop, it is sometimes nice to be reminded of the stupidly idyllic ideals of the 60’s. With universal peace sadly an impossible dream, it is still nice to reminisce about a time when people, not cynically scathed like me, still had hope. Listening to Who Thought? by The Proper Ornaments with it’s sounds of the sixties vibe, might just restore some of your faith in human kind and give some credit to that time. As Hunter S Thompson would put it, if you have the right ears you might just hear the high water mark, the point at which the wave crashed and rolled back down. 

Origami by Tanya Auclair

Irresistible melody with an irresistible voice on this one which is the title track to the Londoners second E.P. Her previous E.P. was made with just a copy of Fruity Loops and a digital recorder and you can hear that still impressive effort over on her band camp. Got a thing at the moment for the double bass and this one embraces it fully. 

My other new favourite band is brixton based The Thirst, ex-grafiti artists turned funk, soul, rockers. This "E.P.," which is longer than most albums these days, is totally free from here. Previously signed to Ronnie Woods' Wooden Records before it went into administration, this is a cracking free download and an exciting live prospect, so keep eyes on their site for performance dates

I can't decide if I am pleased, disappointed or indifferent to this latest offering from The Shins; one of my favourite bands of all time. It sounds very The Shins, which is fine because sounding The Shins is why I like the The Shins in the first place but I guess there is always a tendency to feel a new album should incorporate something new and in fairness to them, there are some intriguing, distinctively un The Shins like sounds hidden within that distinctively The Shins like body. I guess only time and a copy of the whole The Shins album will tell. I am also on a contract with The Shins that pays me in The Shins, to mention The Shins, so I can buy music by The Shins and avoid having my The Shins kicked in by The Shins mafia. The Shins now has semantic satiation (Thanks to Radio Frontier and Topical News Quiz About Things You Use Everyday But Don't Know What The Name Is for teaching me that one)

No it's not Cry Me A River as that intro first suggests, it's something far more beautiful (although don't get me wrong, that is one of the best pop songs ever made). Just take a break from what ever your doing this thursday afternoon, close your eyes and listen to this, allow it to take you off somewhere, somewhere of your own choosing, I am not going to ruin it for you with my own interpretation today I promise. 

Exciting new London based production duo, with some stylish garage infused funky house. This old school A and B side release will be out later this month on Make Mine.

The band that pretty much singlehandedly got me into more experimental, dance oriented sounds, have had their latest release rather successfully remixed by Cosmic Kids. You can hear the characteristically Rapture-esq sounds, vocals, cow bells and all, still sounding strong amongst that funky bass and drums. 


Nice production on this one from Bullion, this is coming out on the 30th January. 

Also out on the 30th January, probably the most anticipated and talked about album of the last six months, Born To Die by Lana Del Rey. Come on, I had to mention it and another day brings another remix of it's title track, this being one of my favourites. 

Animal by Real Fur

I was secretly hoping this was the Animal Song by this band I saw in The Nest once as they really were a joke (another classic was called Your Hole Is My Hole), what was even more of a joke was the arty, East London crowd pretending to like it; I swear I had walked into the filming of a spoof. Not so sadly this isn't that song, rather a jaunty, English, Vampire Weekend sounding track. Very pleasant and, East London trendy mugs, you don't have to pretend to enjoy it.

    King Khan & the Shrines Bite My Tongue by Bruise Cruise

This is feel good guitar music at it's best, the brass just making you want to swing further. This is out on the 10th of February and I'm looking forward to hearing more because I sure do like to dance, especially now as I'm trying to get fit and I really don't fancy spending an hour with Davina and her latest work out video. 

out feb ten
Javeon McCarthy - Lost Time by JaveonMcCarthy

This might be a bit James Blakey for some form this solo singer and producer but I like the reesey base and the way the track has been put together. Out on the 27th February. 

Frontier Sounds SoundCloud Selections

Ziek(1) by Milos Jonic

My first SoundCloud selection is a dedication to Radio Frontier’s very own Duchess of Dutchness, Fleur, in the form of hip hop from one of her fellow countrymen, Milos Jonic. As previously mentioned here I have a penchant for foreign hip-hp as it introduces my ears to a delightfully larger array of rhyming sounds. I also like to imagine what possibly they might be rapping about and on hearing the twanging banjo on this one I picture Milos spinning some Deliverence-esq yarn about the perils of urban folk underestimating the dangers of the rural. That bubble bursts however, when he slips into English and sights sipping Bacardi in da party and I realise he’s talking the same, tired hip-hop rubbish most rappers do. Shame, this is Zeik (1). 

Jack Haigh and Gemma Tilly make up Leeds based acoustic duo Jack and Gill’s daughter and this track Circles, was written by them back in 2009 but has only just come to my attention. A beautiful song, slaging off those people and everyone knows one, who always think they’re right.

Subwave & Enei - Bring Me Down by Metalheadz

If you’ve got some bass friendly speakers then turn them up now, if your listening through lap-top speakers then you might not fully able to appreciate this next one, an exciting drum and bass collaboration released on Goldie’s spearheading Metalheadz label. Subwave and Enei are two relative new-comers both working from the production hot base that is fast becoming Russia. Normally incorporating dark, hostile and bleakly soviets sounds in their music, Bring Me Down is an un-stereotypically light, upbeat number. Subwave has a new album out on the same label worthy of note.

Sverige by Tanya Auclair

Finally to my SoundCloud Selection of the week for it’s beautiful combination of rolling double base and beautiful vocal, it’s Sverige from Tanya Auclair. Her first EP was made with just a copy of production software fruity loops and a digital recorder but still received rave reviews. This taken from the West Londoners second EP and is available from www.tanyaauclair.bandcamp.com.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Glimpse - Julien Dyne

Check out this review of Julien Dyne's new album Glimpse, on K Mag. Good album, well worth a listen and this review sums it up nicely, www.kmag.co.uk/editorial/blogs/hip-hop/julien-dyne-glimpse-review.html

Frontier Sounds Singles Selections

As featured on www.radiofrontier.ch

In these times of Economic hardship with people seeming to be blowing each other up and or rioting all over the shop, it is sometimes nice to be reminded of the stupidly idyllic ideals of the 60’s. With universal peace sadly an impossible dream, it is still nice to reminisce about a time when people, not cynically scathed like me, still had hope. Listening to Who Thought by The Proper Ornaments with it’s sounds of the sixties vibe, might just restore some of your faith in human kind and give some credit to that time. As Hunter S Thompson would put it, if you have the right ears you might just hear the high water mark, the point at which the wave crashed and rolled back down. 

Whilst we’re going back in time and reminiscing, let us go back to the end of the last millennium and the debut album, Operation Doomsday from MF Doom and this track from that, Rhymes Like Dimes, which is being re-released this week. This is beautifully old school, it sounds dated but that doesn’t make it any less brilliant, in fact it makes it more so. That eighties sax in the back reminds me of music from games of that period, say Sim City or Theme Hospital. 

Spam Chop - Cuckup [MIMM002] by Cargorecords

Some ‘Rude Boy Techno,’ now from the delightfully named Spam Chop. Rude Boy Techno is their words not mine by the way. This sounds like Mike Oldfield has ingested a whole cocktail of substances and gone on a Tubular Bells rampage, playing this 2012 version and at a heap of trendy clubs across the country. See if you get what I mean, this is Spam Chop and Chuck Up, released on the Nottingham based Mimm Label. 

A free download now from Foxes, available from www.iamfoxes.com. Youth is the debut single from 22-year-old Loui Rose Allen, whose debut album I hope is soon to follow. This track could easily fall into the trap of sounding like one of those gym friendly, mass produced dance numbers ala Fredie La Grand but instead it sidesteps it cheekily and wows you with a roaring sub base, booming drums and interesting synth sounds and for that reason, it is my Singles Selection of the week. 

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Welcoming in the new once a week formula.

Blokhe4d & Gridlok - Bad Kat by Bad Taste Recordings

How about this for a collaboration just released on Bad Taste and in regards to my own tastes, it fuses just the right amount melody with just the right amount of dark grit. Tune with a capital T.

I'm always game for a bit of Westwood bashing, hence the inclusion of this by Mr B The Gentleman Rapper. Quirky; Kind of. Funny; not really, kind of comic relief funny when newsreaders do a 'hilarious" rendition of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, suspenders and all. Successful in it's aims (that being discrediting Westwood a tiny bit); yes.

Once my sister was tricked into high-fiving Westwood, no that's not a euphemism, although I'm sure the Big Dog has tricked many a mans sister. She was lured into central London on the premise that she had won Strokes tickets only to find out they were that desperate to fill an audience for Westwood's appearance on MTV. To rub salt into the wound the producers then singled her out as the one to give him some staged respect upon his entrance. True story. 

Debian Blak - 'A Hint of Menace' EP by Debian Blak

Can't get enough of this one, free EP available from www.debianblak.bandcamp.com. It's all twisted logic and ambient, minimal jazz style beats. Expertly crafted and well produced. 

The latest single from Wiley, out on the 16th taken from his latest album Evolve or Be Extinct which is out fully on the twentieth. You can't deny your body wanting to move to this proper bubbling funky house beat, dark but fun at the same time, this is a strong single. 


Something a bit different now, apparently from Afghanistan but I find that hard to believe, un till I start listen to that xylophone, like the wind wiping through a sandy desert, a jeep takes me further, over countless checkpoints and roadblocks, through vast opium plantations whose crops seep faint, arabic music as their sap, luring you like Sirens to stop and be sliced open by sweeping samurai swords. You didn't hear that? Just me then, good track though.

Three Hours In by Ryan Hemsworth

Some more ambient production this time from Canada, he is a producer capable of much more besides, as his SoundCloud will testify. 

LectroLips EP by LectroLips

It's like being back in the eighties but viewing it from a twentieth century point of view and seeing it for the fun, not really serious period of music that it was. As if Marty Mcfly has taken you back to some fledgling electro-pop club, you and him are dancing as outsiders, enjoying yourself rather than concentrating on keeping your leggings and quaffed hair styles in shape.

Queensway - Teletype-Several (FIRST PLACE: BEST TRACK IN UKRAINE 2011) by QUEENSWAY

His production skills are immaculate and the range and depth of his samples helps him to craft the most rich and wonderful music. Love the use of strings in this. For more info look no further than here http://www.kmag.co.uk/editorial/news/queensway-releases-automatic-lover-lp-on-blusync.html
Wiretappeur - Everybody Loves Ice Cream (Vincenzo Remix) - Bedrock Records by Wiretappeur

It's unusual to see a house track up here but this really is a wonderful remix, excentuating some of the better sounds from the original and adding some welcome extras, like that deep knocking sound at the end of ever other bar. Really enjoyable and fantastic name as

Frontier Sounds Singles Selections

A relatively gentle start with some female pop rock from FOE and Cold Hard Rock, taken from her debut album, Bad Dream Hotline, out on the 16th. This track is a classic grower, which I was first unmoved by, but have now grown to love, much like a homeless dog or the comedy of James Cordon. I especially like the pounding drums in this as well as the sound of the milk yoke, sea-soaring back and forth on a Fischer price xylophone. 

My next selection is the latest release from one of my albums of last year, SBTRKT by SBTRKT. Also worth mentioning is the live version that SBTRKT did of this track for the BBC live lounge with Annie Mac. 

DARKSIDE - DARKSIDE EP by Clown & Sunset

Django Django - Default by Django Django

Finally to my Singles Selection of the week, which is a motivation tune of sorts. It’s the type of track that would be used in a film when the protagonist throws caution to the wind and marches with purpose from his house. As he passes through the streets on route to his destination he is joined by more and more people, tramps, post men, vicars, all either in agreement with his ideals or just keen to jump on a bandwagon and miss a day of work. Their destination is unknown, they’re probably just gonna dance in perfect sync outside his lovers house but it doesn’t matter, because it the journey that counts. 

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Frontier Sounds SoundCloud Selections

As featured on www.radiofrontier.ch

Three Hours In by Ryan Hemsworth

Ryan Hemsworth from Hailfax, Canada, can not only produce some pretty banging hip hop and breaks but also some more soulful electronica as demonstrated in this track, Three Hours In, available for free download from his SoundCloud.

Debian Blak - 'A Hint of Menace' EP by Debian Blak

Coming from the rich musical greenhouse that is fast becoming Leeds, up and coming producer Debian Blak’s eclectic EP, A Hint of Menace, is available for free from debianblak.bandcamp.com. It might not be to everyone tastes, favoring A typical arrangements a la Mount Kimbe but it show incredible musical talents and impressive production skills. This is a taster in the form of Take Me On feat Anna Stott. 

Opiuo and The Mollusk - Slappy Cans (2009 edit) by Opiuo

To someone a bit more established now but never the less worthy of praise, Australian producer Opiou, whose name you may well recognize for his talents as a remix artist. He is also very cable of taking his remix and sampling skills to the next level and producing something a little more unique. Slappy Cans (2009 Edit) made alongside The Mollusk, is proof of that, a fantastically fun record, full of self mocking energy just like a breakdance contest at a clown convention. 

I'm God by clammy clams

Having produced tracks for up and coming USA rapper ASAP Rocky, who himself has been tipped for big things in 2012, although it is Frontier Sounds opinion that this may be based on the quality of the beats been produced for him by Clams Casino. As his SoundCloud page will testify, he is capable of producing much more besides hip-hop, artists will be queuing up in their hundreds to work with him and for that reason, he is my SoundCloud selection of the week.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Job Seekers Mix

Job Seeker mix by CloudToy

Most of these are available for free download so search them on SoundCloud to get them individually or  download the mix via the little arrow.

1) Innulamne - Toumast
2) Love Like Water (Toddla T Remix) - Steve Edawrds
3) Somebody That I Used To Know (Jakey Kak Remix) Goyte
4) Lofticries (Ezrakh Remix) - Purity Ring
5) Crystal Film (Close Remix) - Little Dragon
6) Rope Mirage - Lulu James
7) Fly By Night (R3K Remix) - Lil Wayne
8) Eagles 100 - Concord Dawn
9) Freedom Fly - Tallest Dreams
10) What's In a name (Kill The Computer Remix) - Eligh
11) Protocol Feat Samantha Kravitz - Gift of Gab
12) Slappy Cans (Original 2009 Edit) - Opiuo and The Mollusk
13) Reckless (Psychemagic Remix) - Unity

Friday, 6 January 2012

Things to get excited about in 2012

One of the most eagerly anticipated releases of recent times, Grimes second studio album Visions, after some major label readjustments, is due out 21 Feb in North America and March 12 everywhere else on the 4AD label. A wonderful mix of floaty electro, punctuated with a breakbeat, all twisted up with her unique, soaring voice, beautifully layered and echoed to enhance the effect. See also Oblivion. I'm pre-ordering mine now.

Wonky Face by illaman

This track is a little snippet from an up coming, multi-genre mix tape to be released sometime this month, very excited to hear that, based on this. Amazing original beat produced by Dai Verse Concepts, lovely tinny, jazzy drums with that mischievous classical guitar sample, complements the clever, dark rhymes perfectly.  

 Δkkord.001 by Δkkord

This, I am extremely excited about, being only the third track to surface from this mystery producer. In this world fascinated with personality and a need to touch and taste the author, Akkord's anonymity is likely to cause quite a fuss and I really hope this doesn't detract attention from the music itself because this track is heavy! The production is outstanding, the drums and samples so fresh and so clean, clean, it's minimal and glitchy, yet retains a level of funk and body. Release of Akkord.001 imminent, so expect all vinyls to be snapped up fast, this is outstanding. 

Real Goths by Mode Moderne

Completely fallen in love this this track from Mode Moderne, the voice, the depth, the whole composition is just wonderful, makes Munford and Sons look even more like the shitty, soulless feck that it is; they couldn't put this much feeling into a track if their Jacobs Cracker, MDF sponsorships depended on it. If being a Real Goth is knowing how to truly show the world feeling without the black make up and pavement scratching jeans, then these Canandians certainly are goths. 

Oh and this is pretty good as well. We want more, we want more.....
Undiscovered Country by Mode Moderne

I'm God by clammy clams

Clams Casino is one of the most exciting new producers to emerge in recent times, having featured here previously providing the backing beat to ASAP Rocky's Bass, which is the part we liked most anyway. The aptly named I'm God, shows a softer side to his production arsenal and based on the array of songs on his SoundCloud he can do anything, so looking forward to him collaborating with others in the future. Also worth checking out is the beautiful Motivation and have a listen to this unreleased piece of soundscape below, lifted from his latest mix tape. Incredible.

Lofticries by PURITY RING

This time last year people were saying 2011 would be the year that Purity Ring went big, but with only three releases to date, that could never really happen, so I'm going to give them another chance, actually I don't really care whether there big or not, I just want more releases like this little beauty, which I couldn't resist sharing (also great new remix will feature on an upcoming mix: watch this space). Sounds like a better version of Starry Eyed by another one of last years hotly tipped brigade (when I say hotly tipped I mean Radio One mentioned no one else's name for a few months and most other stations quickly followed suit).

Lulu James - Rope Mirage by Annie Mac Presents

Big up to the babe that is Annie Mac for introducing and making this available as a free download over on her site. A beautiful electronic mirage luring you in, this track lives up to it"s name and the voice is just fantastic, deep and soulful, looking forward to hearing more in 2012.

On Your Way - Alabama Shakes EP by ALABAMA SHAKES

Also poised for greatness are the Alabama shakes with their own blend of gospel, soul rock n roll.

Gift of Gab: Protocol ft. Samantha Kravitz by quannumprojects

Tune!! This blokes got the sickest flow as well. 

Some of my favourite albums of 2011

A selection of tracks from some of my albums of the year 2011 as featured on www.radiofrontier.ch.

Plaything by Wild Beasts follow link below



Frontier Sounds Singles Selections

As featured on www.radiofrontier.ch 

LIQUORICE by Azealia Banks

With the beginning of the year we return to one of our favorite new artists of last year and based on the quality of this single, she is likely to have a hugely successfully 2012 as well. Following on from the party anthem that was 212 Azealia Banks and Lazy Jay have used British producer Lone’s, Pinapple Crush to make a rap track with a very distinctive UK feel. Full of acid house and old school rave samples and sounding like a bunch of Top Man attired, well groomed and white shoed sexy RnB heads have walked into an illegal warehouse rave, this is Azealia Banks with Liquorice. 

Rihanna - We Found Love (Star Slinger Refix) by Star Slinger

Next up we have the annoying catchy remix one of the most annoying songs of last year, which had nothing to do with the quality of this song itself, just everyone’s tendancy to overplay it. Stripping back Rhianna and Calvin Harris’s We Found Love to something, that at times, barely resembles the original, Star Slinger’s remix is a glitch fest which lets face it, is a lot more fun. 

A new single from Cat Power next, which was first brought to my attention because I saw that Pilipino boxing great Mani Pacquiao was in the video. After a few minutes however I find myself no longer concentrating on Mani punching that bag but drifting away to somewhere completely different, carried by that mystical vocal and wonderfully simple but affective reverberated guitar sound, great punchy (get it?) percussion as well. This is available from www.catpowermusic.com for a small fee, all of which goes to good causes. 

The Weeknd - Montreal by The_Weeknd

On now to another track with an beautifully mystic vocal, juxtaposed with punchy percussion, this track by the Weeknd, sounding like the same group of well groomed, sexy RnB boys we discussed earlier, have now wandered into a church and discovered something all the more divine and holy. I find the Weeknd walks a very fine line between being incredible and being something you would normally be ashamed in admitting to liking. It is the excellent production values that keep it on the cool side of the fence and for that, The Weeknd and Montreal, is my Frontier Sounds Singles Selection of the week.