Thursday, 3 November 2011

CloudToy, 25 Years of J.C.

CloudToy, 25 Years of J.C. by CloudToy

The CloudToy Blog in association with the sky proudly presents: 25 Years of J.C.
Tomorrow marks the 25th anniversary of the greatness himself J.C. and in honour of this the CloudToy Blog dedicates this mix to him.

As usual this is a collection of tunes that didn’t get a mention on the blog but as a runner up prize they get to take part in J.C.’s birthday celebrations instead. So enjoy the mix and lets all raise a small bottle of Frosty Jacks to the man himself.

Many of these tracks are available for free download so see please bellow for details. This mix can also be downloaded from the embedded waveform above.

1)   Educated – Dimbleby and Capper (free download
2)   TranceGender (Adeptus remix) – Picture Plane (
3)   Eatfish – Gonjasufi (
4)   UFO – Reptillian Sex Parade (free download
5)   Un Gran Circo - DJ Melo & Steve Starks (free download
6)   Nuclear Season – Charli XCX  (free download from
7)   When Friends Survive – Paper Crows Discopolis Remix (
8)   Teeo – Vadoinmessico (Crystal Fighters) (free download
9)   Perry Sounds – Daft Beatles (Mash-Up) (free download
10) Dark Arts (Drums of Death Remix) – Starlings (
11) Wretch 32 “Don’t Go” - MJ Cole DUBB (free download
12)  Cloud Control - Death Cloud (Ghosting Season Remix) (free download
13)  Original Don Feat Partysquad (Dawn Golden and Rosy Cross Remix) – Major Lazer (
14)  A.S.A.P Rocky – Bass (free download
15) Beast Break (B.O.B. V Zeds Dead) – DOSVEC (
16) Contamination - knhbtz & cprim3 (free download

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