Saturday, 12 November 2011

The Lion's Roar First Aid Kit

The Lion's Roar by First Aid Kit

Managing to sound both American country and English folk simultaneously, First Aid Kit's voice is something akin to Joan Baez, which is quite remarkable considering they come from Sweden. Unlike Baez however there is a manly quality to the voice, giving rugged power to the delivery that does not detract form the melodic tone but rather bolsters it with a haunting beauty. There is also that wonderful flute that gives it that olde-english, medieval, time of myth and legend feeling.

There are moments in the song where she crams more words into a bar than it seems possible, and it reminds me of that scene in Love Actually (when you have a mum and sister who genuinely think it's the best piece of cinema ever conceived, you don't have a choice but to watch it at christmas) where Bill Nigh, in his age of self awareness, draws attention to the incredibly crass moment in which they stuff and extra syllable into the the second line. Rather than this being crass here however, it works, giving the words the urgency that their meaning perhaps doesn't convey. 

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