Monday, 21 November 2011

Dan Haywood`s New Hawks

Dan Haywood's New Hawks - John's Shoes c/w Superquarry by Qu_Junktions

These tracks are the latest release from Dan Haywoods New Hawks, an ambitious 32 track album out in Decemeber, which will be the project`s first and only release. John`s Shoes is a rousing track, all fiddles, Astral Week-esq Irish country elements intertwined with English folk sentiments and bold expressions. 

It sounds like a hoe down with the love child of Chas or Dave (no ones sure which the farther is) and Joe Pasqualei, and despite on seeing the invite you imagined throwing a lit match into the barn, locking the door and running away, thus doing the gene pool a massive favour; you end up enjoying yourself, dropping your arson kit and getting your line dance, come bop on. Check out the Myspace, full of tracks that explore the folkier elements of the outfit`s sound and poetically explores the spaces of Scotland that were used as the basis of the project`s inspiration.

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