Thursday, 17 November 2011

K.K. For Funk's Sake

K.K.- For funk's sake by K.K.

I'm not really a fan of house but I love the intro on this track, It sounds like the fog horn on the titanic if they were to replicate it as a space craft. Picture the scene, the largest space craft ever constructed, groaning as it leaves it's mooring on mars and drifts out into the dark abyss of space, with a robotic, irish Leo and a voluptuous Kate, running around the ship dressed in period costume, in the throngs of some artificial conception of love (or is it robo lust!?). Either way their electronic antics, like mobiles on planes, interferes with the navigation systems of the ship and, whilst everyone is distracted getting down at 'the real party,' in the basement,  it plows into an asteroid. Robo captain, bearded and looking suspiciously like Captain Birdseye, is starting to regret his decision to go at warp speed in trying to reach Saturn before christams.

As the artificial gravity systems on the ship begin to fail, no robot really cares much (the human's who built and sent them on their way haven't put any emergency pods on the ship, they are only peasant robots after all!) so everyone is going to be destroyed anyway and besides, their robots, they weren't programmed with a sense of self. This track is a celebration of this historic occasion, with less of the soppy love stuff and more of the beautiful, electronic destruction.

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