Thursday, 24 November 2011

Frontier Sounds, SoundCloud Selections

Bridge between sweeter & bitterness by Vinayak^A விநாயகா

I think it`s because I read that this next artist is from Bangalore, India, that when I first heard this track I imagined myself on a boat, heading down the river Ganges, with the swampy, mysterious wash from passing boats causing me to bob erratically up and down, little crocodiles nipping at my toes whenever the boat troughs near the surface. Around me are all the sounds and sights of India, children playing, children begging, mothers washing colorful sari`s in the water and men going about commerce with all manner of exotic products.
Vinayak is a man accustomed to creating incredible soundscapes such as these, as his SoundCloud page will testify. With tracks more minimal in composition than the one we`re about to play, he produces soaring, confused and notably sub-continental spaces, as vast, colorful and complex as the country in which they were created. Link to his SoundCloud page.

Mellow Madness - Mellow Madness by Kenny Dope
My next selection is from The Mellow Madness Band, which was formed in the early 80's by two School Educators, Frank McNeil, a principal and Malachi Sharpe, a high school band teacher who, as well as making music together, opened a music school. The Band's name was birthed out of the philosophy, "PLAY MELLOW MUSIC WITH A FUNKY SOUND". And now in 2011, Kay-Dee Records has put together some mixes from unreleased master tapes, with Kenny Dope producing them from his Kay-Dee Studio's
It`s Kenny Dope who I want to focus on here for his shear range, again a link on his SoundCloud page you will see the full scale of his talents. He produces funk, he makes hip-hop, crafts break beat, you name it, Kenny Dope has tried it and succeeded. This is The Mellow Madness Band, Produced by Kenny Dope, with Memories of you.
Reflections by kytami
My Frontier Sounds, SoundCloud Selection of the week, is someone who featured on my blog a few weeks back, however I feel she is such an exciting prospect that she is worthy of some radio time as well and besides, this latest track was only loaded onto SoundCloud a few days ago.
Describing herself as a violinistextremist, Kytami is seen as Canada’s most diverse and engaging fiddle player, her compositions combine elements of classical and contemporary styles as well as epic soaring lines, with heavy bass and electronic beats. She has collaborated with many artists including legendary dub producer The Mad Professor. Kytami co-wrote two albums and toured extensively with the multi-cultural, award winning band Delhi 2 Dublin and is now planning to release her own debut album.
I think the use of orchestral sampling creates impressive dance music for the simplest of reasons; it takes all the depth and layers inherent in the orchestral sound and brings it to the dance floor, all the stereotypically normal electronic elements take on a grander role, as they come to represent the epic-ness of a full blown orchestra in which the violin is normally associated. Although this is a more downbeat track, if you go to her SoundCloud page there are many a violin backed floor filler there, making eScala, that all girl, electronic string group that featured on Britain`s got talent, sound like The Cores, playing the spoons, on heavy medication.

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