Thursday, 19 January 2012

Bumper Addition

'With Just One Glance You' Nicolas Jaar featuring. Scout Larue and Will Epstein 1 by Bullett Media

That producer who is causing all the fuss in the electronic music scene at the moment does a track with that girl who is Bruce Willis and Debi Moore's Daughter. Of course it is Nicolas Jaar featuring the voice of Scout Larue, making what is essentially the soundtrack to Raymond Chandlers The Big Sleep. The sax, the lyrics, the womanising, the urge to drink hard liquor and the haunting streets at night sounds, it all fits. 

TACLA EP by We are animal

I like the variation in styles on this EP from We Are Animal, like a rapidly evolving hallucination it goes from experimental electronic contained within crystal clear guitar, to Lou Reed waking up after a long nap with a turbo charged Long Island Ice Tea. To Kurt  Cobaine trying his luck in a 80's Venice Beach roller disco, to sounding like what Kasabian would sound like if they were still any good. My new favourite band, buy this EP now, you won't regret it.

In these times of economic hardship with people seeming to be blowing each other up and or rioting all over the shop, it is sometimes nice to be reminded of the stupidly idyllic ideals of the 60’s. With universal peace sadly an impossible dream, it is still nice to reminisce about a time when people, not cynically scathed like me, still had hope. Listening to Who Thought? by The Proper Ornaments with it’s sounds of the sixties vibe, might just restore some of your faith in human kind and give some credit to that time. As Hunter S Thompson would put it, if you have the right ears you might just hear the high water mark, the point at which the wave crashed and rolled back down. 

Origami by Tanya Auclair

Irresistible melody with an irresistible voice on this one which is the title track to the Londoners second E.P. Her previous E.P. was made with just a copy of Fruity Loops and a digital recorder and you can hear that still impressive effort over on her band camp. Got a thing at the moment for the double bass and this one embraces it fully. 

My other new favourite band is brixton based The Thirst, ex-grafiti artists turned funk, soul, rockers. This "E.P.," which is longer than most albums these days, is totally free from here. Previously signed to Ronnie Woods' Wooden Records before it went into administration, this is a cracking free download and an exciting live prospect, so keep eyes on their site for performance dates

I can't decide if I am pleased, disappointed or indifferent to this latest offering from The Shins; one of my favourite bands of all time. It sounds very The Shins, which is fine because sounding The Shins is why I like the The Shins in the first place but I guess there is always a tendency to feel a new album should incorporate something new and in fairness to them, there are some intriguing, distinctively un The Shins like sounds hidden within that distinctively The Shins like body. I guess only time and a copy of the whole The Shins album will tell. I am also on a contract with The Shins that pays me in The Shins, to mention The Shins, so I can buy music by The Shins and avoid having my The Shins kicked in by The Shins mafia. The Shins now has semantic satiation (Thanks to Radio Frontier and Topical News Quiz About Things You Use Everyday But Don't Know What The Name Is for teaching me that one)

No it's not Cry Me A River as that intro first suggests, it's something far more beautiful (although don't get me wrong, that is one of the best pop songs ever made). Just take a break from what ever your doing this thursday afternoon, close your eyes and listen to this, allow it to take you off somewhere, somewhere of your own choosing, I am not going to ruin it for you with my own interpretation today I promise. 

Exciting new London based production duo, with some stylish garage infused funky house. This old school A and B side release will be out later this month on Make Mine.

The band that pretty much singlehandedly got me into more experimental, dance oriented sounds, have had their latest release rather successfully remixed by Cosmic Kids. You can hear the characteristically Rapture-esq sounds, vocals, cow bells and all, still sounding strong amongst that funky bass and drums. 


Nice production on this one from Bullion, this is coming out on the 30th January. 

Also out on the 30th January, probably the most anticipated and talked about album of the last six months, Born To Die by Lana Del Rey. Come on, I had to mention it and another day brings another remix of it's title track, this being one of my favourites. 

Animal by Real Fur

I was secretly hoping this was the Animal Song by this band I saw in The Nest once as they really were a joke (another classic was called Your Hole Is My Hole), what was even more of a joke was the arty, East London crowd pretending to like it; I swear I had walked into the filming of a spoof. Not so sadly this isn't that song, rather a jaunty, English, Vampire Weekend sounding track. Very pleasant and, East London trendy mugs, you don't have to pretend to enjoy it.

    King Khan & the Shrines Bite My Tongue by Bruise Cruise

This is feel good guitar music at it's best, the brass just making you want to swing further. This is out on the 10th of February and I'm looking forward to hearing more because I sure do like to dance, especially now as I'm trying to get fit and I really don't fancy spending an hour with Davina and her latest work out video. 

out feb ten
Javeon McCarthy - Lost Time by JaveonMcCarthy

This might be a bit James Blakey for some form this solo singer and producer but I like the reesey base and the way the track has been put together. Out on the 27th February. 

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