Friday, 6 January 2012

Things to get excited about in 2012

One of the most eagerly anticipated releases of recent times, Grimes second studio album Visions, after some major label readjustments, is due out 21 Feb in North America and March 12 everywhere else on the 4AD label. A wonderful mix of floaty electro, punctuated with a breakbeat, all twisted up with her unique, soaring voice, beautifully layered and echoed to enhance the effect. See also Oblivion. I'm pre-ordering mine now.

Wonky Face by illaman

This track is a little snippet from an up coming, multi-genre mix tape to be released sometime this month, very excited to hear that, based on this. Amazing original beat produced by Dai Verse Concepts, lovely tinny, jazzy drums with that mischievous classical guitar sample, complements the clever, dark rhymes perfectly.  

 Δkkord.001 by Δkkord

This, I am extremely excited about, being only the third track to surface from this mystery producer. In this world fascinated with personality and a need to touch and taste the author, Akkord's anonymity is likely to cause quite a fuss and I really hope this doesn't detract attention from the music itself because this track is heavy! The production is outstanding, the drums and samples so fresh and so clean, clean, it's minimal and glitchy, yet retains a level of funk and body. Release of Akkord.001 imminent, so expect all vinyls to be snapped up fast, this is outstanding. 

Real Goths by Mode Moderne

Completely fallen in love this this track from Mode Moderne, the voice, the depth, the whole composition is just wonderful, makes Munford and Sons look even more like the shitty, soulless feck that it is; they couldn't put this much feeling into a track if their Jacobs Cracker, MDF sponsorships depended on it. If being a Real Goth is knowing how to truly show the world feeling without the black make up and pavement scratching jeans, then these Canandians certainly are goths. 

Oh and this is pretty good as well. We want more, we want more.....
Undiscovered Country by Mode Moderne

I'm God by clammy clams

Clams Casino is one of the most exciting new producers to emerge in recent times, having featured here previously providing the backing beat to ASAP Rocky's Bass, which is the part we liked most anyway. The aptly named I'm God, shows a softer side to his production arsenal and based on the array of songs on his SoundCloud he can do anything, so looking forward to him collaborating with others in the future. Also worth checking out is the beautiful Motivation and have a listen to this unreleased piece of soundscape below, lifted from his latest mix tape. Incredible.

Lofticries by PURITY RING

This time last year people were saying 2011 would be the year that Purity Ring went big, but with only three releases to date, that could never really happen, so I'm going to give them another chance, actually I don't really care whether there big or not, I just want more releases like this little beauty, which I couldn't resist sharing (also great new remix will feature on an upcoming mix: watch this space). Sounds like a better version of Starry Eyed by another one of last years hotly tipped brigade (when I say hotly tipped I mean Radio One mentioned no one else's name for a few months and most other stations quickly followed suit).

Lulu James - Rope Mirage by Annie Mac Presents

Big up to the babe that is Annie Mac for introducing and making this available as a free download over on her site. A beautiful electronic mirage luring you in, this track lives up to it"s name and the voice is just fantastic, deep and soulful, looking forward to hearing more in 2012.

On Your Way - Alabama Shakes EP by ALABAMA SHAKES

Also poised for greatness are the Alabama shakes with their own blend of gospel, soul rock n roll.

Gift of Gab: Protocol ft. Samantha Kravitz by quannumprojects

Tune!! This blokes got the sickest flow as well. 

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