Thursday, 26 January 2012

Frontier Sounds SoundCloud Selections

TACLA EP by We are animal

Regular readers of this blog will know that these guys, We Are Animal, are my new favorite band, so sorry if this is a bit monotonous but I just couldn’t resist an opportunity to play that track 19:19 on the radio. Taken from the Tactla EP, it is available for download from ITunes. 

FRIGID. Dust & Debris ( Resurrection ) by FRIGID

My next track, by the hilariously named Frigid, I found on a recent SoundCloud trawling mission. It has a very distant tribal “he,” noise, that runs through the course of the record, making it sound like a jam session between the PlayStation character Crash-Bandicoot and his tribe and a group of evangelical missionaries sent to save their heathen souls. 

St Joe Louis- Slipping Into Darkness Feat Kasim by St Joe Louis

Another trawling find now, this one from Rapper St Joe Louis, who is American rather than the French his name might suggest. This pleasantly produced track Slipping Into Darkness Feat Kasim is available as a free download from

Black Casino and the Ghost - Falling Into Pieces by indiepatico

We started with my new favorite band and I want to end with my other new favorite band, Black Casino and The Ghost. With a similar structure to the earlier track by We Are Animal, it initially suggests something entirely different from the screaming, swaggering chorus that jumps in and knocks the breath out of you, causing you to screw up your face and pout out your lips. 

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