Wednesday, 25 January 2012

January's Over Already!

Will defenaintly be getting my hands on this come 5th March to play day and night to my imaginary friends on my imaginary decks. This serves as collection of previously unreleased and presumably abandoned material made between 2003 and 2008 and am I glad they weren't forgotten. There are some absolute rollers on this, showcasing why they still stand strong as my one of my favourite drum and bass producers. However, I am still leading the crusade (it's a spiritual thing) to get the tune below released, Why. Hasn't. It????????????? Come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This track reminds me of my friend Tommy Mac when he dances, waltzing into a party and straw-peadoing a cellar full of the home owners vintage wine collection, putting a plethora of suitably and understandably impressed girls on his shoulders and bubbling around the dance floor, arms locked in the 90 degree position and always above waist height, pointing at the invisible notes as they float from the speakers. That image just makes me smile and reminds me of good times, causing me to reconsider my current condemnation of alcohol and engage me in calling the big man to organise a jolly good knees-up.

The King's Will - Love, Against Homophobia (live at the C.A.M.P.) by thisistheking

A really nice live performance of a track which really doesn't want you to misunderstand it's message, the original is more of a poetry reading and lacking something which this version delivers.

Talking of live performances, check this out.

Hands down (pun fully intended) one of the most incredible things I have ever seen, I just don't understand how he does it. I don't know why Jonathan Ross feels he has to ruin it with some ludicrous, miss judged (not the first time he's done that), horribly patronising comment. I swear the majority of his jokes are either innuendo (he is literally the twentieth century Carry On; Carry On not being funny) or put downs. I would rather listen to this all day than listen to the nauseating sound of you brown-nosing a 'celebrity' you were bashing only the week before.

So I'm a bit behind on this one so forgive me if this is nothing new but this is too deep and dark to neglect. 

I was already to slag this of, going down the 'what's the point, nothing could make this better, you can't even dare touch a classic like this blah blah blah,' line but actually this isn't bad at all, they have done it justice, making it in some ways even more haunting and emotive. And she's Wednesday out of Arrested development.

When this begins it sounds pretty 90's, The Coral, Skeleton Key-ish but then that amazing chorus kicks in and everything is understood and forgiven, leaving you begging like a heroin addict on methadone for more. Amazing, cannot stop playing this. 

Any prospective producers out there should follow this link and read, taking notes, a true talent.

sbtrkt - atomic peace (2009) by sbtrkt

Everything this guy touches at the moment turns to gold and this is a beautiful number just posted onto his SoundCloud, causing people to make wonderful comments like, 'oh my,' 'absolutely dazzling,' 'brilliantly motherfucking sweet,' 'trippy mellow vibes,''TH SH CRAAAAY,' and my personal favourite, 'OH MY FUCKING GOD YOU GREAT GUY.'

Jumping on the Lana Del Ray coat tales with the vocals on this one which sounds very much like they've been plucked from Video Games, yet you don't remember those lyrics from the song do ya? Any way that's not a criticism, it gives this track from current go-to rapper ASAP Rocky and ScHoolboy Q, a little more impact

War - "Brodermordet" by AwkwardSound2.0

Ever wanted to know what the sound of a marching band passing through a bus station in a fairground would sound like if you bottled it up, distilled it, then poured it into the petrol tank of a Reliant Robin and combusted it through it's battered exhaust? Well this is it, a strangely enjoyable and hypnotic one from these crazy Danes War

You can hear the sounds of the sea-side in this one from brighton based producer Tourist. In fact this track makes you feel like a tourist, relishing and experiencing the delights of an English costal town for first time.The lapping sea, carnival atmosphere, the shitty always-loose-your-money arcade games, annoying soggy chip stealing seagulls and the hilarious abundance of old people are all realised in this really pleasant release from ever on-the-money Make Mine.

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