Thursday, 12 January 2012

Welcoming in the new once a week formula.

Blokhe4d & Gridlok - Bad Kat by Bad Taste Recordings

How about this for a collaboration just released on Bad Taste and in regards to my own tastes, it fuses just the right amount melody with just the right amount of dark grit. Tune with a capital T.

I'm always game for a bit of Westwood bashing, hence the inclusion of this by Mr B The Gentleman Rapper. Quirky; Kind of. Funny; not really, kind of comic relief funny when newsreaders do a 'hilarious" rendition of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, suspenders and all. Successful in it's aims (that being discrediting Westwood a tiny bit); yes.

Once my sister was tricked into high-fiving Westwood, no that's not a euphemism, although I'm sure the Big Dog has tricked many a mans sister. She was lured into central London on the premise that she had won Strokes tickets only to find out they were that desperate to fill an audience for Westwood's appearance on MTV. To rub salt into the wound the producers then singled her out as the one to give him some staged respect upon his entrance. True story. 

Debian Blak - 'A Hint of Menace' EP by Debian Blak

Can't get enough of this one, free EP available from It's all twisted logic and ambient, minimal jazz style beats. Expertly crafted and well produced. 

The latest single from Wiley, out on the 16th taken from his latest album Evolve or Be Extinct which is out fully on the twentieth. You can't deny your body wanting to move to this proper bubbling funky house beat, dark but fun at the same time, this is a strong single. 


Something a bit different now, apparently from Afghanistan but I find that hard to believe, un till I start listen to that xylophone, like the wind wiping through a sandy desert, a jeep takes me further, over countless checkpoints and roadblocks, through vast opium plantations whose crops seep faint, arabic music as their sap, luring you like Sirens to stop and be sliced open by sweeping samurai swords. You didn't hear that? Just me then, good track though.

Three Hours In by Ryan Hemsworth

Some more ambient production this time from Canada, he is a producer capable of much more besides, as his SoundCloud will testify. 

LectroLips EP by LectroLips

It's like being back in the eighties but viewing it from a twentieth century point of view and seeing it for the fun, not really serious period of music that it was. As if Marty Mcfly has taken you back to some fledgling electro-pop club, you and him are dancing as outsiders, enjoying yourself rather than concentrating on keeping your leggings and quaffed hair styles in shape.

Queensway - Teletype-Several (FIRST PLACE: BEST TRACK IN UKRAINE 2011) by QUEENSWAY

His production skills are immaculate and the range and depth of his samples helps him to craft the most rich and wonderful music. Love the use of strings in this. For more info look no further than here
Wiretappeur - Everybody Loves Ice Cream (Vincenzo Remix) - Bedrock Records by Wiretappeur

It's unusual to see a house track up here but this really is a wonderful remix, excentuating some of the better sounds from the original and adding some welcome extras, like that deep knocking sound at the end of ever other bar. Really enjoyable and fantastic name as

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