Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Frontier Sounds Singles Selections

As featured on www.radiofrontier.ch

In these times of Economic hardship with people seeming to be blowing each other up and or rioting all over the shop, it is sometimes nice to be reminded of the stupidly idyllic ideals of the 60’s. With universal peace sadly an impossible dream, it is still nice to reminisce about a time when people, not cynically scathed like me, still had hope. Listening to Who Thought by The Proper Ornaments with it’s sounds of the sixties vibe, might just restore some of your faith in human kind and give some credit to that time. As Hunter S Thompson would put it, if you have the right ears you might just hear the high water mark, the point at which the wave crashed and rolled back down. 

Whilst we’re going back in time and reminiscing, let us go back to the end of the last millennium and the debut album, Operation Doomsday from MF Doom and this track from that, Rhymes Like Dimes, which is being re-released this week. This is beautifully old school, it sounds dated but that doesn’t make it any less brilliant, in fact it makes it more so. That eighties sax in the back reminds me of music from games of that period, say Sim City or Theme Hospital. 

Spam Chop - Cuckup [MIMM002] by Cargorecords

Some ‘Rude Boy Techno,’ now from the delightfully named Spam Chop. Rude Boy Techno is their words not mine by the way. This sounds like Mike Oldfield has ingested a whole cocktail of substances and gone on a Tubular Bells rampage, playing this 2012 version and at a heap of trendy clubs across the country. See if you get what I mean, this is Spam Chop and Chuck Up, released on the Nottingham based Mimm Label. 

A free download now from Foxes, available from www.iamfoxes.com. Youth is the debut single from 22-year-old Loui Rose Allen, whose debut album I hope is soon to follow. This track could easily fall into the trap of sounding like one of those gym friendly, mass produced dance numbers ala Fredie La Grand but instead it sidesteps it cheekily and wows you with a roaring sub base, booming drums and interesting synth sounds and for that reason, it is my Singles Selection of the week. 

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