Thursday, 12 January 2012

Frontier Sounds Singles Selections

A relatively gentle start with some female pop rock from FOE and Cold Hard Rock, taken from her debut album, Bad Dream Hotline, out on the 16th. This track is a classic grower, which I was first unmoved by, but have now grown to love, much like a homeless dog or the comedy of James Cordon. I especially like the pounding drums in this as well as the sound of the milk yoke, sea-soaring back and forth on a Fischer price xylophone. 

My next selection is the latest release from one of my albums of last year, SBTRKT by SBTRKT. Also worth mentioning is the live version that SBTRKT did of this track for the BBC live lounge with Annie Mac. 

DARKSIDE - DARKSIDE EP by Clown & Sunset

Django Django - Default by Django Django

Finally to my Singles Selection of the week, which is a motivation tune of sorts. It’s the type of track that would be used in a film when the protagonist throws caution to the wind and marches with purpose from his house. As he passes through the streets on route to his destination he is joined by more and more people, tramps, post men, vicars, all either in agreement with his ideals or just keen to jump on a bandwagon and miss a day of work. Their destination is unknown, they’re probably just gonna dance in perfect sync outside his lovers house but it doesn’t matter, because it the journey that counts. 

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