Wednesday, 28 September 2011


Awkoder by Stellar Kinematics

Back to La France now with this fantastic label, Stellar Kimematics. The definition of Stellar Kinematics as  posted on their SoundCloud page "is the study of the movement of stars without needing to understand how they acquired their motion."

This label name is inspired, as it really is the most apt way of describing the appreciation of their releases. Music journalists are always far to keen and eager to categorise and put music into genres. I don't know what genre this music falls into, electronic indie maybe, but that doesn't matter nor should it. This music is fantastic, why do I need to know where it comes from or what category it falls into in order to appreciate it?

The answer is that I don't. These tracks are immensely pleasurable pieces of music and I really respect the sound that this label is going for. I've picked out these two artists solely for the fact that they seem to produce the greatest level of output. There are in fact loads of artists linked with label that all well worth a listen and their page will provide many a hour of happy listening. Enjoy.

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