Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Nimekam Tena

Nimekam Tena by Suspect Z'ro

I think it interesting that I like listening to foreign language hip hop, especially considering that I haven't a clue what their rapping about. 

Being native English speakers we are exposed and expose ourselves predominately to English language hip-hop. Couple this with an English education and a native tougne that holds precedent as language of the internet, then it is some times easy to forget that poetry and especially rhythmical poetry, is possible and popular in other languages too. Poetry and rhythm is present in every language and although we do lose some of the impact in not understanding the lyrics of the track, for me that is not the point.

Foreign language rap produces vocal sounds and couplets that are just not possible in English, and this example all the way from Kenya proves my point. Although the production values on this are poor and the beat far from original, I like the sound of Suspect Z'ro's flow (I believe he is speaking Swahili but don't quote me), which due to the nature of the language has a refreshing rhythm to it.

This track has reminded me that hold as belief that there is another language, other than English, that is more suited to hip-hop. French. Years ago, when I was more reckless, I fell from a motorbike and gashed my arm open pretty badly. These two little French stoners whom we had met earlier arrived from nowhere and whilst I attempted to stitch myself up, ( I didn't fancy an Indian hospital) they thought it would be hilariously annoying to play some French hip-hop.

Sadly for them their plan backfired and I was oddly soothed by it. When I finally get round to sorting my stuff out, I'll dig out that scrap book, drenched in blood and tears, in which I listed in shaky, shocked prose some of those artists and post my findings on this blog.

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