Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Katie May & Dorzi High Maintainence

Katie May & Dorzi High Maintainence by MC Dorzi

What I loved about HaZZa, who featured in my previous post, was not only his cheekiness but his regional Bradford accent and it was though his page that I found a slightly more established artist also sporting those lush West Yorkshire tones. 

Previous efforts by Mc Dorzi ( such as The Next Generation and I'm a Poser, have a grimy, soulful feel to them, although the rhyming could be tighter, it shows a lot of promise. High maintenance however demonstrates Dorzi's progression, with a well produced track that serves as and excellent example from an often misunderstood genre.

The track has a lovely, stereotypically wobbly bass line, which complements the subject matter of the song, which is self deprecating and full of tongue and cheek. "Arguably the best lyricist in his home town of Bradford" Dorzi does have a decent flow. The bubbling nature of his rhyming gives me the urge to go out with the boyz and apparently start swapping my z for ss. It makes me want to show off in front of girls, before being systematically rejected by all of them. It makes me want start a dance off with a bunch of rude boys before comically scarpering through the crowd in fear, as our attempts to bump and grind them are inevitably met with violence. Any track capable of evoking those feeling must be worthy of mention.

The inclusion of a well judged female vocal, seals the deal for me and gives the track and this artist, the professional edge he may previously have been missing.

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