Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Keep Calm & Carry On

Keep Calm & Carry On by TNTT

In my previous post I featured an excellent track by Awkoder remixing a TNTT track and felt that this band were worthy of a post in their own right.

Technoctitlan or TNTT, to me sound like a clean cut, take home to your mother, eighties INXS style Yeah Yeah Yeahs with some less bubblegum Lilly Allen thrown in for good measure. If this sounds like an unpalatable cocktail then I urge you to man up, trust me and try it.

Keep Calm Carry On is the name of the band's forthcoming album and the title track is a sensational piece of catchy pop; I look forward to the full album release. Also available on the SoundCloud page are a series of well produced dance tracks and remixes, pointing towards the heritage of the bands members, although they are a bit mediocre for my tastes.

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