Sunday, 4 December 2011

CloudToy on The Frontier Mix

CloudToy on The Frontier by CloudToy

To celebrate the CloudToy Blog’s current and hopefully continued association with Radio Frontier ( and Frontier Sounds, I’ve put together this little mix of some of the best tunes heard in the last few weeks. As usual many of the tracks featured are available for free download so please follow the links below or download the entire mix yourself from the little arrow on the player. 

1)   A1 - Darkside (Nicholas Jarr and David Harrington) 
2)   Pyro – T.I.
3)   The Party and The After Party – The Weeknd
4)   John Henry Was a Trucker  - Buck Truck (free download
5)   Bad Behaviour – David Heartbreak (free download
6)   Last Words (Dimitri from Paris Remix) – Clubfeet  (
7)   Chameleon – Escort (free download
8)   ISM Featuring Ernesto – Mario & Vidis  (
9)   Let You Know – Kingdom
10)  Diving (Crisis Kid remix) – Heartbreak (free download
11)  Back To Me – Marco Del Horno (, check out an interview here.
12)  Firetruck - The Madden Brothers feat Kreyshawn feat Hollywood Holt
13)  Shogun (remix) – Fanu (free download

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