Friday, 2 December 2011

Frontier Sounds SoundCloud Selection the Horrors Special

Earlier on this week Frontier Sounds was invited aboard The Horrors tour bus for an exclusive interview with guitarist Josh in advance of their Geneva show. Once aboard the good ship horrors, we talked about many things, one being remixes and specifically their remix of a Lady Gaga tune, which is included below. You can listen to an extended version of the interview on the Radio Frontier site here

My Frontier Sounds SoundCloud selection this week is The Horrors remix of a Florence and the Machine track. I think this is a stunning tune, as what`s cleverly been achieved is punch in places where the original lacked and it has also taken punch from areas such as the chorus, to make a more consistent, DJ shadow-esq soul track, full of life, colour and texture but still retaining typically Florence elements such as harp flourishes and drawn out string sounds.

The Horrors - Sheena Is A Parasite (Oscillate Mix) by stop.oscillate

Here is the Stop.Oscillate remix of arguably The Horrors best song from their first album Strange House. The track Sheena is A Parasite, which they disappointingly failed to play on Monday. Describing itself as IDM, or Intelligent Dance Music for those of us not smart enough to understand this oh so smart, holier than thou abbreviation. The track conjures up images of a futuristic fairground at night, bright neon lights, the collective ambiance of a reluctant fun, the carousel spinning and chopping up the sounds floating across the fair from the haunted house, whose Dracula inspired tones, are daring you to enter.

The Horrors - Still Life (Comfort Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD by James Comfort

Here`s a remix of probably my favorite Horrors track, Still Life, which was the highlight for me during their Geneva show Monday, the crowed being whipped into a frenzy with the opening synth line being repeated for an age as the drummer tried to sort out a technical issue he was having. This is a really fun, bubbly, well produced drum and bass remix of The Horrors Still Life by DJ Comfort.

Here is The Horrors, or more specifically Tom from the Horrors, with a gothic, futuristic and pleasantly bleak version of Lady Gaga`s Bloody Marry, taken from Born This Way the Remix, a remix of her last studio album also featuring re-edits by Foster the People, Goldfrapp, Micheal Woods, Metronomy and Twin Shadow, to name but a few.

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