Thursday, 1 December 2011

Frontier Sounds Singles Selections

My single of the week is this fantastically bluesy number from Kill It Kid, who are a four piece from bath. Featuring the poor boy tones of Blind Willie McTell it has all the piano and vocals you`d expect from a Blind Willie inspired tune but given a contemporary touch. I can`t do more than let this wonderful  track describe itself, decent video as well.

Simply for the fact that I didn`t like a lot of the singles released this week, I`m going to play a little teaser from next week, in fact I`m doing any French readers a favor in informing them that on Monday they will be able to get hold of this record nearly two weeks before the rest of the world. On the fifth of December in France, the 13th everywhere else, Anglo-French singer and actress Charlotte Gainsbourg will release Stage Whispers, a double LP of live and previously unreleased material. This track is called Paradisco, written especially for Gainsbourg by Moby. Bizarrely, in what I`d like to think is a move of French solidarity but rather suspect is a massive sponsorship deal, you can preview two more tracks from the album on The Air France web site.

A series of layers, acoustic guitar, atop classical finger picking, a gently humming bass driven by an army drum roll which is all bound together by, in the words of Master Chefs Greg Wallace, a buttery-biscuit vocal. Right Way Round is the latest single from East London rock folk five piece Dark Captain. It`s a track that sounds like both the sum of all its parts and all those parts individually battling to be heard within the mix; either way, the result is beautiful. 
They have an album out called Dead Legs and Alibis and it`s available from, so if you like Right Way Round, you know where to hed to hear more. 

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