Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Frontier Sounds Singles Selections

Back by popular demand this time featuring friend Spikey T, Roots Manuva returns with Here We Go Again, a cut from his new, critically acclaimed album, 4everevolution.

It is a tune that fuses hip-hip, techno and dub step influences to create a bass heavy, head grooving beat. It is much like the sound of a robotic dog, barking at a reversing post van, has passed through a ball of candy floss on route to your ear drum.
Roots` style is as effortless and comfortable as you might expect from someone releasing their fifth studio album. His lyrics are razor sharp and intelligent as he raps about the perils and temptations of street life, in a manner which does not preach but rather serves to warn, not only us but Roots himself. For me Roots Manuva has one of the most charismatic and poignant voices in hip-hop and there isn`t a week that goes by where I don’t wish I sounded like him.

Formed from the break-up of Los Angles band Mika Miko, sisters Jessica and Jennifer Clavin`s new project Bleached, releases its first single, Searching Through the Past today off the Suicide Squeeze label. This is the B side from that seven inch called Electric Chair.
A beautifully low-fi affair that forces a blurred montage of a drunken youthful night to appear in your mind, as you stumble, blissfully happy from gig to gig, dancing like a fool and generally enjoying the beer soaked fruits of your own stupidity.

Although this track draws obvious influence from The Stones classic Not Fade Away and other rock n roll greats such as Buddy Holly, there are more modern, hip hop, techno techniques at play here, which have drawn people to label his unique sound as Electrorockabilly.
It`s a track that makes me think of that scene in Back to The Future when Marty Mcfly brings the rock n roll sounds of the future to his parents High School dance. Imagine though that he was also joined by Doc, who has just returned from 2011 and making strange sounds through a thing he calls a synth and a box called a drum machine.

Finally to the Frontier Sounds Single of the week by a group I have been wanting to talk about some time and who already some incredible tracks in their arsenal, this latest single being one of them      
This Greek duo have been all the buzz of the blogs of late for their unique, experimental synth-pop sound. Like a more mature and refined Air, this is their wonderfully euphoric and dreamy single, Campus Martius.  

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