Monday, 13 February 2012

Frontier February Albums Episode 1

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Out this month on Thirty Tiger is Young Man in America, confusingly from a woman named Anais Mitchell. Her debut album Hadestown was a folk opera that was received, especially in the UK, to much critical acclaim. With a natural talent for story telling through song this will be hit with traditional folk fans although I don’t think anyone can resist the beauty of her voice and subtly of her compositions. This is a cut from Young Man in America released on the 28th called Shepherd. 

Made as a ‘response to all the adrenaline, aggression and anger he felt traveling the world, it's a spectrum of his creativity and a testimony of how one man's passion and determination is often misunderstood as anger,’ Muzzle is another follow up album this time from Gonjasufi. This is the haunting Nickles and Dimes.

Also released this month on Sub Pop is Animal Joy from Shearwater. Although they may be unheard of this is in fact their eighth album release but this one takes a slightly different tack, have a listen to You As You Were, taken from Animal Joy. 

Finally to what I think will be my album of the month and a possible contender for album of the year already, this is one of those albums that has reverted me to child at Christmas status, petulant in not wanting to wait till the 21st for this hotly anticipated album Visions, from Canadian producer Grimes. 

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