Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Frontier SoundCloud Selections

The gorgeous vocal work of Sarah Kelleher there with Sugar C, a song with a monotonous but pleasantly hypnotic feel to it. As in tune with the theme of the show, that is available from her SoundCloud page,, with two ns, confusing considering her surname is Kelleher and she also goes by the name of Missfit Mod. 

My turn-your-sub-up-to-the-max-moment of the week now with some future garage from Habstrackt and BadJokes, French I believe and about to blow your ears wide open. If this is your style of music check out the drum and bass, dub step mix I posted up on the blog last week, full of some exclusive and yet unreleased material as well as the one I did this week as well. 

My next track is taken from a band whose sound reminds me of later day, Jack White influenced Echo and The Bunny Men. All tracks by Brighton based Hollowmoon are available for free from their SoundCloud. I mentioned Jack white before, his new solo material released for the first time under his own name is sounding very good indeed.  

If you head over to and join their mailing list, then this gorgeous little single is all yours. Be patient, this song is clever, keeping you entranced with those strings yet denying you something, denying you a glimpse of a final destination, like a hill blocking a finishing line during a marathon. Suddenly you reach the summit and the chorus appears more wonderful than you could ever have imagined. Past the finishing tape are swarms of fans you never new you had, scantly clad cheerleaders all suggesting that your in there, champers, one of those novelty sized cheques and loads and loads of euphoric noise. This is My Bones by Tom Williams and The Boat. 

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