Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Frontier SoundCloud Selections

The artist known simply as Arnet with a track know simply as Magnus kicking off our SoundCloud selections this week, just one of the many delights to be found via the medium of SoundCloud. Excuse my ignorance but I can only assume he’s rapping in German, was liking it more for the melodic beat than anything else.

Free download for you now dance fans and like last week, it’s time to crank up your speaker, especially that sub, to the max. All the way from Tornoto Canada, introducing the greatly named Crass Mix. This one is a remix of a Seba tune called Painted Skies and along with some more original compositions is available for download on the Crass Mix SoundCloud page, a link to this and all other tracks on the Frontier Sounds show page

In the immortal words of Danny Dyer we have a “naughty,” cover of Nancy Sanatra’s Bang Bang, not a whisper on the original or even the hugely enjoyable Audio Bullies cover but like vegetarian food, dinner with in laws and horridly twee, badly written, emotionally manipulating Hugh-Grant-playing-a-posh-English-fop films by Richard Curtis, your willing to enjoy them once in a while. 

To my selection of the week and another free download, this time from Ilkley moor inhabitants The Swing Movement.  

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