Monday, 20 February 2012

Frontier Singles Selections

That was the sound of the government were they stupid enough, which they probably are, to let Prince Harry become commander of the Armed Forces. His first move would be to hire Lady Gaga to do all the Chorography, asking Goldie after his appearance on that show to conduct the wind section on the condition that the band were made up from members of the junior apprentice and Take Me Out and that they do right obscure, LED influenced versions of Kate Bush songs.   

Also out this week is this single from one of my favorite albums of last year, the eponymous New Look. Teen Need is a beautiful, melodic but minimalistic ode to trying to get your end away, the lusty impatience of youth condensed into this wonderful three and half minute pop song. 

The Apples - Powder / Thang by Outpost Music PR

Also out this week is a double A side from Israeli, post funk nine piece The Apples. It’s ambient dub step, cross bred with some angry funk and hip-hop. 

Grandaddy of funk also has a release this week.

My single of week is what I like to think of as a reincarnation of the B52’s, with this wonderfully captivating single Tendons In The Night which, much like the video, is an uncomfortably sexy experience, akin to watching a gratuitous sex scene with your granny. 

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