Thursday, 16 February 2012

The Year Is Hotting Up

Thought I'd begin with a little mini-mix featuring a few of the decent dub step and drum and bass tracks either out now or forthcoming as really, the music does a better job of describing itself than I can (although certain exceptional numbers get further mention below). Download and use as some motivation music for a run or something, track listing below.

1) Comicon - Boss Kite
2) Drinky - Pixelord 
3) Queen Anne's Revenge - Tha New Team 
4) Grunge - Proxima 
5) Tomorrow's Always Better - Fau & Dream 
6) Back Foot - (8th Note Remix) - HeavyFeet & Nate James 
7) Under Construction - Brazed feat Blacked Out
8) Sleeperz (Cause 4 Concern Remix) - Bangta Rights 
9) No Rest - Facture & FD
10) Starfixer (Electro Soul System Smack My Borsch Remix) - Pryzma
11) Hurt Me- Soul Intent
12) The Great Red Spot - Pryzma 

The beginning of this song is like an electric guitar, scratching the wooden lining of it's guitar case in which it has been buried alive. Finally, through some sonic force, it breaks free, delighted to finds it's other band members waiting, mopping up tears by it's gravestone. With a second chance at life our friend the guitar takes a new positive but realistic look at life, making it it's mission to describe the capacity of humans to underuse their lives through the medium of work. 

Charming piece of electro pop from Christopher Norman, available for free download here It is literally the love song written from one IT geek to another, which makes it all the more romantic. 

Wowza, I think these two are actually twins, 'No one gets me/like you get me,' seems all the more poniant therefore in this delightfully jaunty little ode to love. I like to think that they have some kind of telepathic connection that allows them to write songs as gleeful as this without any form of direct communication. I also like to think that they swap instruments like they swap clothes at live shows to mess with peoples heads; 'Which one's the lead singer? arhhhhhhh!'

Taken from the debut album which is out this spring and based on the crazy weather these days (the poor daffodils thought it was spring at Christmas), god knows when thats meant to be anymore. 

Download Rae Spoon Ghost Of A Boy

Weirdly beautiful track from the girl child, man boy (have a look on Youtube see what you think) Rae Spoon; excellent production and soulful vocals make it extremely captivating.

I just find this track so relaxing yet compelling. It is the sound of the pets of the future, instead of winning real fish at the fair you get robo-fish, who swim about their robo-tank performing mysterious tasks and blowing bubbles, changing colour and direction to suit their environment. The best thing is they're solar powered, you only need light to feed them so they live forever and unlike real fish they're intelligent, learning from experience un till one day, they trick you into putting your hand in the robo-bowl, which furnishes them the DNA they need to clone their own human army and take over the world. 

Out soon on Secretly Canadian, which has to be one of the best label names ever, probably even funnier (or inconvenient) if your signed to them and American. Lush little love song though. 

Also out on the same label is this track which sounds ever so familiar, like I've mentioned it before, or been on a gondola in Venice, but I've never been to Venice, what does it remind me of? Is it a more sludgy version of the organ from Sissor Sisters Laura? Who knows but whatever it is, it makes the track all the more alluring. 

The awesome, London four some Veronica Falls, seen by those inclined to exaggeration and apocalyptic sentiment to be the saving grace of British guitar music.

Free download, free-fa-free download. Free download, free-fa-free download from, errrm, somewhere online. The almost jungle like bongos on this give the track a unique rhythm, taken from the forthcoming album Summer Bodies out in May. This is what Uncle Dugs, Brian May and the Beach Boys would sound like if they got stranded on a desert island and after weeks of sunburn and isolation went a bit Lord of The Flies and tribal. 

Hopefully there will be a widget above which will allow you not only to listen to this outstanding track but download it by signing up to the mailing list, which you won't regret doing because based on this your gonna wanna know everything about Ramona Falls. Every single part of this track is stunning, if I had to have a track of the week this would clearly be it. 

Some Italian drum and bass for those, like me, who are missing the Sardinian festival sunshine. 

If you don't like this then your officially dead inside or on your way out. This is the solo side project of Cut Copy bassist Ben Browning, giving those of us stuck in a stay-at-home depression the lift we need to take off those three week old tracky Bs, contemplate a shower, spray on some deodorant, put on those wacky pink socks and leave the house; only to return twenty minutes later realising the solitude has given you acute agoraphobia.

So I ain't even afraid to admit that one of my favourite films is Forgetting Sarah Marshel, a big part of that being a fascination in the puppet, Dracula opera that the lead is trying to write. This little number could be ripped straight from the second act of that opera,  encompassing that ever so important 'gothic Neil Diamond,' sound and I can just picture those little puppets and their gapping red, sock mouths every time I hear it. 

As soon as Usher opened his mouth I was inclined to say 'gay,' and I will argue with gusto that I'm not using gay here as a pejorative term, rather I am using the word, a word with an astonishing evolutionary past in terms of transition of meaning, in it's now colloquially correct context. Gay has in recent times and for people of my generation, transformed from a derogatory term into a word that denotes something to be lame; this is not a comment about homosexuals nor is there a connection to homophobia and if there is, it lies solely in the mind of the interpreter.  

Anyways I thought this was gay but as I listened to it further, I released it is was far from lame, although it's walking a very thin tight rope. 

Be rude not to mention old Shaza, whose latest album recorded during a period of homelessness and nights on floors and sofa's, is being extremely well received for the reason that it seems to incapsulate the forlorn bleakness of that period with such beauty. In the words of Michael Slater, 'sumptuous.'

Mentioned here before, this is the single to be released from her debut, self titled, Ninja Tune released album out last year. Shows the importance of recording your own samples, would love to know how she makes those dirty, low bass lines. 

Burial - Loner from Miguel Bidarra on Vimeo.

Hold the press, taken from Burial's latest EP, Kindred, available as of a few days ago from Wow, just wow. 

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