Thursday, 9 February 2012

Some Weekend Listening

Free download this one from Big K.R.I.T, that sultry sax adding some nice juxtaposition in the composition; yeah I can rhyme too dawg.

A gorgeous record being released on this hotly anticipated record Ghostory, out at the end of the month. Also out this month which is gaining similarly high levels of excitement is Visions from new love of my life and future wife Grimes. For snippets from albums out this month stay locked in here for two specials I'm doing for Radio Frontier addressing this very issue. 

Forthcoming on the Physmatics label is this filthy little roller from Bangta Rights, really liking this one and what i'm liking even more is the even filthier remix by Cause 4 Concern on the flip, which exaggerates that ridiculous, ripping bass noise even more, sounding like Death with a raspy dry cough. One of the most enjoyable drum and bass records I've heard in a while. 

Speaking of drum and bass here is an interesting interview with Amit who discusses how Abelton Live can help him creatively to finish those elusive unfinished tracks.

Soundtrack to a bunch of Brownies sitting on a bright orange liferaft after surviving the crash of a cruise ship (ooooh topical) on which they were performing free corn rubdowns for the elderly. After managing to scrabble to the liferaft at the expense of all those feet they help to sooth and the life of their Big Bear, or whatever the Brownie leader is called, they then had to endure a Perfect Storm style night in which they vomitted out any remaining fear and hope within them and lost all touch with reality. In the beauty and calm of the sun lit morning they sit slumped at the edges of the raft thinking of faces back home, soon to have their own faces fried to a crisp by sun burn and set to endure a slow painful death from dehydration and sun stroke.

The organ piano combo in this one reminds me of those shite, eighties safety videos teachers used to show you in school to waste some lesson time; come on it obvious that you shouldn't put your face in a band saw, saying that, there were some people in my class capable of such stupidity. So i'm not sure whether low budget, poor production values is a reason to like a track but it does have a grip on me, like those videos did, maybe because like back then, I knew this was better than listening to something boring and you were secretly, kinda hoping, someone would put their tongue in a pilar drill. 

A kooky little remix by Salva of this Shlohmo track, full of surprises and always keeping you guessing which makes a nice change.

I know I featured this a few weeks ago but the EP got a full release on Tuesday and can be brought for the meagre sum of two pound fifty from their band camp, bargain. 

Might have mentioned these before as well but again, a cracking track from an exciting band.

  This is what it would sound like if you poured a potent cocktail of ketamin, acid and weedkiller into the tea of an organ player and then asked him to compose some music for that horrid moment when people with nothing better to do are going to stand on the likely rain swept banks of the river thames, waving their union jacks like happy fascists at a dosing Queen, acting as if she is still relevant and pretending like her jubilee celebrations are not a complete waste of money in a time of extreme austerity. 

Available for free download as of this week, this is ABSORB, a grime artist from County Durham who raps over some grime infused dub step beats.

The lyrics in this are fantastic considering that every line has to rhyme with 'drag,' and the concept of the one and only true love of you life being your best mate in drag is as tragic as it is funny. 

Something a bit spooky in case you though I was slacking; this sounds like the BFG tripped when he was making his way home from his rounds and all the glass bottles containing children's nightmares smashed and mingled into one, united vision of terror. 

Some more throw back to the sixties stuff now from Woodpigeon aka Mark Hamilton from Vienna Austria. Think the main appeal of this track is it's title because the track couldn't be less of a resemblance to a guy I know called Paulo, who despite being a talented producer himself would be better represented by long, girlish, giggly synths symbolising his long wandering arms and some filthy dull bass, a nod to his favoured state of mind and love of bland food.  

Quickly listen to this beautiful track before the instrumental version is used in an advert designed to convince you that banking with RBS and pouring money the way of it's highest earners will buy you and your family eternal happiness, a rewarding and fulfilled lifestyle and immortality. Think the contrast of their voices works really well, cemented together with those beautiful strings.  

Some excellently produced grime-come-dub step again here from a band called Tha New Team, it builds up with an array of teasing samples that layer upon each other, punctuating that enticing, booming sub bass before it drops and becomes truly irrassitable. This is a newly formed band made up from iDj iRaise (one half of Tha Trickaz), Senbei (of Banzai Lab) and vocals from Dirtyphonics MC, Youthstar.

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