Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Frontier Sounds SoundCloud Selections

Read more about Hourglass Sea by following the link below.

Something to really demonstrate the diversity of SoundCloud now, this is what the internet was really invented for. With human beings, especially in the spheres of music, seeming to need to categorise everything, our composer here DJ Dinner, has come up with an ingenious new genre name for his unique sound, a sound which blends a vocal technique native to the Alps region with contemporary, electronic sounds. So, ladies and gentlemen boys and girls, may I introduce to you the latest craze to be sweeping skiing chalet across region any day now; Yodel Step. That right, Yodel Step, remember you heard it here first, so here is DJ Dinner, with currently the only example of it’s names sake Genre, Yodel Step. 

On the subject of genre this next track describes itself Eclectic Alternative Rock, which I think is way too tame. If I were forced to give this a label I would have to go with Electro Funkidelica for it’s elements of Syd Barrat twisted into a modern form via a plodding double base. This is one of the more civil cuts available, so if you like it trippy check out his SoundCloud.

Featured on my blog before the end of last year this is one of the those discoveries in music that gets you giddy in a mild frothing rage and like a wild rabbid dog you forget to eat and become phobic to hydration, savage and brutal in attempts to infect others with this inconsolable passion. So here is me metaphorically biting you and I hope for your sake Mode Moderne, with the Smith’s inspired sounds, Morsey-esq poetic lyrics and soaring choruses, infects you thoroughly. This is my SoundCloud selection of the week, Mode Moderne with Real Goths. 

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