Monday, 5 March 2012

Frontier Sounds Singles Selections

Also out this week is this split 7 inch from Full Time Hoby. Side two features a squelchy, not endearingly lo-fi track from Pinkunoizo called Parabolic Delusions where as side features the far more loveable Clap by Hooded Fang.

Just to prove that I'm down with the kids and all that, my next selection is one the kids will really understand; if those kids were kids forty years ago, back when they were like 'hey Gerald, what is up? What is the latest pop record that is really cool on the cobbles? What rocking sterogram artist can I spend my thrupney bit on and then spin at medium volume on my gramophone?' Well you funky hipsters, Tom Jones of course. This is the latest in Third Man Records Blue Series, featuring Tom lending those distinctive pipes to Holwin' Wolf's classic Evil, given a contemporary twist with our man Jack White on production buttons. 

My next one is for those young in both body and mind, although I encourage any one of any age to get up and have a little boogie to this one by Sinden feat Natelie Storm called Pull Up Wheel Up

There was only really one choice for single of the week for me this week, from one of my favourite bands of all time now becoming unstoppable hot monsters. If you don’t like this then your dead inside or your pulse must be pretty slow in which case I recommend you go see a doctor stat or better still, buy the remedy first hand and go see this duo live. Seeing The Black Keys still rates as the best gigs I’ve been two, they make so much noise and it will awaken even the most soulless of humans.  Gold On The Ceiling is taken from El Camino, out now. 

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