Monday, 12 March 2012

Frontier Sounds Singles Selections

The wonderfully unique voice of Liz Green in that fantastically moody song, Bad Medicine, sounding like a grounded teenager, devastated because it’s the night everyone from school is going to the park, the tall guy with a premature beard finally got served at Tesco and has brought some home brand vodka for everyone and if he were drunk, he may well just have a chance with that girl he likes but who is several leagues out of his. 

Our next single is the continuation of our hormonal hero’s story, contemned to stay in and angry at opportunities missed, he turns to music to express just how bloody unfair his parents are. What would annoy them most he thinks? If I make’s music as loud and as brash and as brilliant for it like Paw Prints by Tango In The Attic.  

A house funk crossover track now from Black Diamond Bay, a name taken presumably from the outstanding Dylan track of the same name. As mentioned, it’s hard to pin down We Are Lovers, an air of mystery and intrigue which provably gives more weight to the track than the sum of it’s parts deserves, listen for yourselves.

I’ve gone for something a bit more mature and sensible as my single of the week to counteract the angsty start, a beautiful track from Australian singer songwriter Steve Smyth called Endless Nowdays.

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