Thursday, 8 March 2012

Toy Story

A brand new mix made with my brand new toy, track list below or head over to Mixcloud, start following and see exactly when each track comes in. I go to sleep every night with that Queensway track in my head, it's haunting and a free download!

Milyoo  - Hides In Yo
Kebra Katz x Boyfriend – W8WTF (Chaos In The CBD Mix)
Jon Phonics x BUG – Jack Duckworth (Ghost Mutt Remix)
Katy B – Witches Brew (DIPLO Mix)
Milyoo – Down To Love
Korallreven – Sa Sa Samoa (Elite Gymnastics Remix)
Kebra Katz x Boyfriend – Winter Titty (Wheez-ie Remix)
II0 – Rapture (NFIFTYFIVE Remix)
Queensway – Darlin
Sevin – Missing
Sunchase – Moulded (Fade Remix)
Shemo Neat - Maria In The Sky With Lentils (RayGayThom Obessions)

A collaboration between these two was never going to be bad was it? This is a fantastic example to producers out there going down the soundscape route, that it is possible to include melody in the mix, making it far more interesting when the two are combined. I think too much love is being sent the way of producers making deep layers of hazy, muffled, distorted sound, I don't find it particularly clever or interesting, although I'm sure it takes work, i'd listen to it in the context of film but pretty much no where else. This is far more beautiful, on so many different levels and does't sound like someone's been sampling the back end of a fridge, passing it through hundreds of filters and labelling it as music. 

A free, three track EP from this fabulous singer songwriter is available from her site Great voice, gorgeously elegant composition which resists the temptation to over layer itself. 

This is the first release from Lushlife's forthcoming album Plateau Visions and is stacked to the rafters with hip-hop collaborations, in this case a massive change in direction for Styles P, with Lushlife himself delivering the double speed verses later on. 

Familiar Creatures are from London, England according to their SoundCloud. I think someone is telling porkies! This sounds like a damm good knees up in a County pub in Ireland, where a bus full of touring brass, on route to play a passing out ceremony up north somewhere,have coincidently stopped in for a quick authentic Guinness, only to discover the 'real party,' jumping on the bar and starting to jam with these good time Irishmen. Invigorating stuff, even if they are liars.

I have already pre-ordered this little gem, another for my non existent decks but I just see this as a necessary 12 inch come the time I do have enough money to buy some. What I find most endearing about this track is how it develops into a regimentally fun number with the melody bubbling away in perfect time with the percussion, it has the effect of amplifying both elements to form an unstoppable head bouncer. 

This feels like such an appropriate number for a day when the is rain running horizontally across the pane of my window. As bleak as it is outside, this water is important and the earth is celebrating as it soaks up this life giving moisture in an attempt to avoid the already inevitable drought. It's a bit odd in England when we claim a drought is on when all we really mean is that Mrs Johnstone down the road won't be allowed to water her chrysanthemums for a few weeks; we need to come up with a new word in context of the UK. For farmers in actual drought prone areas the easing of this baron dryness does feel as euphoric and as important as this song, for Mrs Johnstone, it's putting on that Cliff rendition of Singing In The Rain. 

Also available is this loveable one below.

Apart from having an amazing stage name (wouldn't it be better if it turned out to be his real name? Go on, change it, I dare ya) our lad Rufio has a fantastic voice, so good that all it needs to accompany it is a couple of lively distorted gutars and the odd backing vocal. His voice is bold and lively like the dead on a Russian election day. This isn't a one off either, plenty more tracks on his SoundCloud, which with their simplicity showcase the strength of his voice.Free downloads as well, so show this man some love before desperation sends him to X Factor, where he'll get to the final six and loose badly because the "public," don't feel suitably emotional towards his sob story that surrounds his pet gerbil that died unexpectedly when he was eight.

The last band you'd expect to do a decent cover of a Beyonce song but there you go. 

Congratulations to Kwes, who has just fulfilled a lifetime dream by signing to Warp, at age 24. I'm not jealous at all. It is almost stupid how talented this guy is, having already produced for the likes of The XX, Micachu, Ghostpoet, Speech De Belle on her latest album. He's released singles on XL and Young Turks, worked with Damon Alburn, played with Jacke Penate and formed several band amongst my favourites, the under rated and brilliantly named, Bono Must Die. Again, he's achieved this all by 24. A a result I want to hate this but it's really, really, really quite good. 

It's like, totally so worth waiting for the chorus on this one. It sound like it's been recorded in a cathedral built on the crest of the highest peak of The White Cliffs of Dover. 

Keep Shelly in Athens - Our Own Dream from Thanasis Tsimpinis on Vimeo.

More of that melodic soundscape stuff I was banging on about in the beginning but dare I say it, this is even more beautiful.

[The author of this blog has been removed by a gang or record store snobs and locked in their basement till further notice for crimes against Burial]

One of the class mates of Cloud Toy favourite Grimes and recommended to us when she took over Gorilla Vs Bear a few weeks back. This is from their forthcoming debut Tender Opposites. 

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