Sunday, 18 March 2012

Frontier Sounds SoundCloud Selections

The term The Blues seems entirely inappropriate when describing something as powerful as that, music this passionate is responsible for starting revolutions, toppling regimes or a very least making people such as myself feel pretty dam happy. That was Big Boss Man from American blues five piece Moonshine Society, a fitting name for a tune that sounds like Emi Lou Harris discovered a batch of papa’s home brew distilling under the stairs and proceeded to do shots of it through her eye balls till her backing band called her onto the stage to let loose in an infectious, raucous but entirely comprehensible rage. 

To a young producer who is fast earning the respect of many including the main man himself Lou Reed, who chose one of his remixes as runner in up in recent remix competition for which he was judge. We have another one his remixes for your approval today and like our previous track it is available for free download from SoundCloud. 

On the subject of remixes, I found a really interesting one whilst trawling through SoundCloud the other day, always refreshing to hear something that bares almost no resemblance to the original, this a completely new take on N.E.R.D.’s Rockstar by Tall Timber.

I was trying to be all neat and come round full circle with a smooth connection to our opening blues track and my selection of the week and I thought I had found it in a track by Peggy Sue called Parking Meter blues, get it? Obvious I know, but then I heard this track Horror Movie Marathon and knew we were onto something very special indeed, a unique raw sound, unusually gripping, full of passion and ironically for this, ended up giving it more in common with the other track anyway    

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