Monday, 12 March 2012

Frontier Sounds SoundCloud Selections


The deeply atmospheric Fading Memory, the Dominic Ridgeway remix of the Synth Sense original featuring MC Fave. Dominic Ridgeway, a London based producer, is one to keep an eye on as his SoundCoud page will testify his productions keep getting better and better, recording and manipulating his own range of samples that I feel is really giving his tunes a unique, niche quality. 

To another outfit perfecting it’s sound, the Leeds based duo Line Runners. They've been producing together for a number of years now, having met through a shared passion for drum and bass, they are now poised for their first release forthcoming on Trust In Music. Means To Me, as the sleeve notes quite accurately say, sounds like a futuristic spacecraft scanning a post apocalyptic wasteland. Imagine David Cameron and Nick Clegg, as punishment for reeking the damage in the first place, being sent like bourgeoisies Budgerigars to survey the damage wrought by Langsly's misguided health reforms, their guilty faces and dunces hats just visible through the tiny slit windows.

To Germany now and a really interesting find in the form of a musician called Fotobakadi who makes really engaging tracks built on live stringed instrumentation, fused with electronica and all no longer then about two minutes in length. This is the suspiciously close to my surname, that it makes it look as if I typed my own name into the search box when scouting for tracks this week but I didn’t I swear, Oliveiro.

My SoundCloud selection of the week comes from Berlin, although it could easily have come straight from the streets of Boston. There are so many exciting things going on with this beat, that it would have made track of the week even without the tight rapping. As always there are more delights to be discovered on Zoenjae’s SoundCloud.

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