Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Hey Shortie

I know I mentioned her last week but I've had this EP on repeat, especially this song, it just rings with haunting nostalgia. Get your free copy now from

I have a certain friend who will take a disturbing delight to how close the word Gang and Spoon are to each other in the widget above. I take not such a disturbing delight to how rhythmic this song is. Good male voices seem to be a theme this week, this one accompanied by a fantastically anthemic backing track.

Damon Albarn and Richard Russel showing a deafness of touch working the buttons here, in the process introducing the voice of Bobby Womack to a whole new generation of listeners. The beat is subtly modern, the synth accompanied with a more traditional piano which gives Womack's old world, blues style a modern interpretation. 

Very promising to think that Kathryn Bint has a full length coming out in the not too distant future called Into The Trees, beautiful voice, really elegant arrangement. 

If Tropic Thunder taught us anything, and it taught me so much, it's that as a professional actor, you should never go full retard. The history of cinema is littered with examples of stars doing exactly that to the united cringe of everyone else. 

It is quite astonishing that they even make it to the set, with a team of paid publicists, advisors, pet dog's toilet cleaners and what ever other over inflated titles they invent to justify hiring more staff for the purpose of extrapolating their own sense of self importance, someone should have advised them not to. I can only image that they allowed it to happen out of some united sense of injustice, a collective disgruntlement born from having to find exactly three fresh Seville oranges to place on the breakfast table every morning.

In steely unison and trying not to laugh, the team agreed, that they all thought it would be a great idea to do that film with the 'special' character in. It will do wonders for your philanthropic image they say, really showcase your range as an artist. Whilst on the subject, we think you should join the Church of Scientology, become a vegan and argue it's merits without once sounding like you know the facts. Get involved in politics, even better, the politics of other countries, you definitely have the right to tell other people how they should live. 

Nothing disgusts me more than Dolly Parton's 9 to 5, except when Dolly Parton's 9 to 5 is played in the twilight minutes of a cheese night. All the good looking people have copt off with each other, the sober people having either done the sensible thing and left, or done the even smarter thing considering they've actually been dumb enough to pay cash to get into this shit hole excuse for a good time in the first place, and drunk themselves silly in the hope they might forget all about it tomorrow. 

Too drunk to write a flirty text message, let alone operate a condom packet, both sexes have separated, the objective to pull scuppered; the only feasible excuse anyone sound of mind can actually have for going there in the first place. The blokes have condensed into a pack of self proclaimed "Lads," arms locked, some distantly homoerotic shit going down with some tuneless chanting along to the lyrics in the belief that this is what is expected of them at this time. 

The girls looking scared of this sweaty huddle, adopt the classic failsafe handbag circle, trying to dance seductively, whilst simultaneously pretending that they'd always been out on a "girlie night,""girl power," and "who needs men anyway," gets bantered about a bit, the lyrics of the song condoning this display, supporting their cause, although secretly they're thinking wow, 9-5 makes me think, maybe we didn't deserve the vote (before you accuse me of being sexist I actually paraphrased this off a female comic called Carid Lloyd who first said it about watching an episode of Loose Women.).

This track samples 9 to 5 is the relevance to all that above.

Sometimes all you need are a couple of electric guitars, some drums and a uniquely coarse voice like the lead singer of Captain Kennedy has, it's so gravely and yours to own for free. 

Great to hear the fantastic voice of Beth Ditto back, I really thought the first album was great despite how annoying Standing In The Way of Control got but it wasn't their fault it got overplayed. This is the first taster off A Joyful Noise out on the 22nd May on Colombia. 

Another fantastic producer to emerge from Russia producing some deep, moody, atmospheric dub step, haunting stuff and definitely one to keep an eye on.

It's electro fuzed with rock n roll like Jerry Lee Lewis jumped into a shelter during the cold war and we only just remembered to tell him it's okay to come out again. Excellent. 

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