Thursday, 27 October 2011

Disrespected Snares - Contamination [Unmastered]

Disrespected Snares - Contamination [Unmastered] by Disrespected Snares

Listen to this masterpiece, isn't it just beautiful? Isn't the use of fluctuating drum tempos and nerdy samples so clever? Don't your eardrums feel so rosy and pleasant? What? They hate you now? Thought so. This is god awful and in some respects, I think that's the point.

This music is made for you not to like because if everyone liked it, then it would be 'mainstream,' and 'mainstream,' is bad! Maybe I just don't get it and I am willing and happy to accept that, but part of me thinks this is a cry for identity, a call to be recognised as different. Different in being able to recognise an unpalatable garble of noises as being something more meaningful. Yes, yes your angry we get it.

Breakcore fans (although they'd hate the colloquial application of 'fan' here and would probably prefer something more like follower or disciple) are effectively goth's who've failed to grow-up, discovered dance music and gone clubbing. Heavy metal fans who were intimidated into buying pills at a gig one night and needed to hear some music that went on past eleven.

Just like it's slower tempo, non electronic counterparts, this scene has a 'holier than thou,' feel about it, 'you don't understand it because your part of the system man.' Their understanding to your bemusement is the equivalent of a goth sulking around outside the shopping centre, scowling (with an air of superiority) at you as you enter HMV.

The bastard inside me wants to organise a flash mob of middle age suits to attend a breakcore night, just so I can watch their faces contort in horror as they dash from the club under the pretension that breakcore has become popular. The next day you'll see them (in HMV) having ditched the black T's and chains, buying Adele and Coldplay CD's, feeling smug in thinking now, they're being so different.

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