Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Lana Del Rey - Video Games

Lana Del Rey - Video Games by PurplePR

This young lady is causing quite the stir in the musical world at the moment and for good reason, this track is as an unequivocal beauty as is Del Ray herself, which is sadly where a lot of the fuss seems to stemming from. One can almost hear the voice of the perverted Dad resonating through any article written about her by journalists of a certain age and gender.

Luckily for Del Ray her music has the credibility to stand up against all this lecherous nonsense and discussion over whether her sex appeal is just a marketing ploy. Because frankly who cares, this track is something of incredible warmth and beauty. With a slow funeral march piano, beautiful strings, harp flourishes and that deeply set vocal, this track has the power to invoke the most powerful of human emotions; nostalgia.

Never has the idea of settling with someone in a boring yet loving domestic situation, accepting the banality of the safe and easy, been made to seem so beautiful and romantic. Even though we might never had been in this situation ourselves, we are made to look back on it here with longing. It is through that sense of longing that we are able to appreciate that Del Ray may well have sacrificed this life to follow her own musical ambitions, and doing so, could not have been an easy decision.

So to all the middle age journalists out there who are getting their briefs with brown piping in a twist, I wish to remind you that your meant to be engaged in the music, not whether or not someone, who is probably the same age as your daughter, has been sent as a honey trap to insnare you.

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