Monday, 17 October 2011

Massive attack & Burial - 'Four Walls'

Massive attack & Burial - 'Four Walls' by Alan Anthony Doyle

Out today is this unbelievable collaboration between Massive attack and Burial, although it seems to be a lot more Burial influenced, with his stereotypically crackling vinyl sound, subtle wooden percussion, low fluid base and those mystical, electronic arabic sounds.

It's like the last woman alive is wandering around in a post apocalyptic world, ravened by Aliens, hallucinating off solitude and the memories of what she's seen happen to the rest of the human population. The track is something like eleven minuets long which only adds to the atmosphere and sense of space created as the protagonist, who through lack of sleep, sees this war destroyed world, dusty and baron as beautiful, experiencing that form of euphoria that is soon accompanied by death. This is a truly stunning piece of soundscape that is being released as limited edition (1000 copies only) 12 inch so get your copy fast.

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