Friday, 28 October 2011

Ra Shawn - I Got It

Ra Shawn - I Got It by iAmRaShawn

There are not enough guitars used in hip hop and for no good reason, as the distorted guitar (ala Black Keys Black Roc) works really well in this track. Along with the equally moody but still melodic base line, it helps to compliment the neat, tight rhymes of Ra Shawn. The use of the almost wooden sounding percussion gives the tune that final, garage-esq, street dwelling attitude and provides a beat to which you can't help but bop along to.

This is all the more extraordinary considering that this yoot is but 15 years old, he's is getting a lot of love on SoundCloud already so expect big things. He is already quite prolific, realising a track on SoundCloud almost every month, so check out his page here to keep up to date.

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