Monday, 10 October 2011

Man Like Me - Lovestruck

Man Like Me - Lovestruck by Man Like Me

Some friends and I stubbled upon this Band playing at The Nest in Dalston back in August. We had gone along to the venue the previous week and been the only ones in the audience heckling this terrible band; everyone else was trying to look cool in pretending they liked The Animal Song and My Hole Is Your Hole. Seriously I felt as if we had walked into the filming of a spoof, mocking via hyperbole a typically scene and pretentious night out in East London. The band were wearing Ziggy Stardust style make-up and kept repeatedly using the word 'conceptual'.

We had returned the next week in hope of offloading some of our intoxication on the next load of Dalston drivel but we were left opened mouthed and silenced. With a blend of bouncy electro beats, old school garage and grime MCing, the whole club was physicaly shaking and in contrast to the week before people were genuinely and inescapably, loving the music.

Where this band scores highest is undoubtedly their live performance. The energy that night was just infectious, as the lead singer waded into the crowd you could feel band and audience uniting under a shared momentum. Lines were delivered with near perfection, intensifying the storm already being brewed. The use of brass instruments gave the whole performance a carnival, street party atmosphere; if you get a chance to see them live, take it.

Lovestruck has a funky, Whisky Cats feel to it, full of Brass and Urban Character like a grimey The Specials.

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