Thursday, 13 October 2011

Flowers and Sea Creatures / 'Flowers and Sea Creatures'

Flowers and Sea Creatures / 'Flowers and Sea Creatures' by buzzinfly

All tracks on this album have a similar, beautifully futuristic, melancholy feel to them however I think number three, A.M. the Ewan Pearson re-edit, demonstrates their style best. 

This track is a scene from Blade Runner that never existed but should have. Imagine you are Harrison ford in the stylish dis-topia so brilliant realised by Ridley Scott in the film. You have just found out that the girl you've been hitting on for the last few weeks is one of the Replicants you've spent your whole life trying to destroy.

Your going to have to kill her but with it ever-present and haunting in your conscience you decide to take her out for one final day together. You take her to a futuristic fairground but the sounds of joy are distorted by the reality of the task ahead of you. As you await the arrival of your superiors, you enjoy a picnic in a meadow, watching the sunset purple in the polluted sky. You turn to her and fain a smile, you hope she buys it, you've put your best brave face on despite the fact that time is trundling ever-closer to that inevitable moment when your going to have to dispatch her.

This is the closest we'll ever get to picturing this scene and although this track is over 8 eight months old, the effect never lessens.

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