Monday, 24 October 2011

Fools Gold (BTV refix) - Stone Roses

Fools Gold (BTV refix) - Stone Roses by Dirty Loyal

This track is in honour of the news that the Stone Roses are getting back together, a decision driven clearly by the love of the music and not the costly business of Mr Brown falling out of love with Mrs Brown. Of all the Roses remixes out there this is one of the best, there is even a Trentmoller edit just gone up but it's a pretty unimaginative effort in that he's just smashed a sub base drum all the way through 'I Want To Be Adored.' I have also posted a mash up of the Roses and Oasis above and surprisingly, it kind of works.

I always said that if there was one band I could travel back in time to see live it would be The Stone Roses, so you'd think I'd be first in line to snap up a ticket. However I'm not. The reasoning behind this is in the statement it's self; I was clear that I would have to go back. Back to the context of when they were most relevant, in the context of Factory Records and the Hacienda. One of the main draws of this silly game of fantasy is that not only can you desire to go back and see a band, which up until now was defunct, but you can go back to a time when the music being made was shaping a movement in music it's self. That's exactly what The Stone Roses were doing in that period. Along with other bands such as The Happy Mondays, they collectively embraced dance culture and moulded it with a traditional band structure to form a model for much of the pop music made today.

So as great as it would be to see one of my favourite bands, I think the experience of going to see them would be spoilt by my own fantasy. No doubt they would be fantastic but I would be standing there, with middle-aged men scuffing me with their Parkas, disappointed that it's just not living up to my fantasy. In the immortal words of Philip Larkin in Deceptions, i'd be 'stumbling up the breathless stair/ To burst into fulfilment's desolate attic.'

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