Wednesday, 19 October 2011

First CloudToy mix

First CloudToy mix by CloudToy

Here it is, the inaugural CloudToy Blog mix. It is an extremely shabby affair but I promise it will get better once I've brought myself a MIDI mixer; I wasn't able to preview the tracks in headphones so I was syncing it very roughly as the mix went on. Anyways there will be more of these to follow, made up from tracks that didn't get individual mentions on the blog.
The track listing is a follows, as you can see and will hear, it has a definite female theme going on.
1) Nap on The Bow - New Look
2) Ain't Nothin' Goin' on But The Rent - Gwen Guthrie (DeeJ. Valavanis's finacial times edit)
3)212 - Azelia Banks - 212
4) Circulars- Still Corners
5) Always (Laxx remix) - Submotion Orchestra
6) Coraline - Polka Wars
7) Don't Tell Me - Lioness (check her out in the Soundtrack for upcoming, film Sket)
8) Bro Die Young (Perry Band vs Run DMT) - DOSVEC
9) Video Games - Lana Del Rey (Chase Manhattan's Seein Stars Bootleg)
10) Chasin Paper- Silky Johnston
11) Paradise - G Side (3:33)
12) Crystalline - Bjork

Really love the first track by New Look, the whole song just builds up beautifully including that sublime vocal. I brought the whole album off the back of listening to this one track, so I am really looking forward to hearing the rest. Also well worth a mention is Polka Wars, from Jakarta, although you'd never think it listening to them.
An absolutely massive grime come dub step track from Lioness, off her album Roarness. She features on the Soundtrack to up coming film Sket, which is released at the end of the month and promises to be a female, no-holds bared version of Kidulthood. Mixed oh so well into that, even if I do say so myself, is a track by DOSVEC, again some roaring dub step juxtaposed with beautiful vocals. Finishing off with some Bjork, there is just no stopping her and she really can do what she likes, this is fantastic. 

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